Beacon is a rogue lite ready to leave anticipated access next month

The monotheistic developer announced that their red-lite entitled Beacon will leave early access and will celebrate a full launch on December 15.

This is what Joe Russell, co-founder and writer at Monotheistic, had to say during the launch:

We worked on Beacon in one form or another for most of our professional life, and, frankly, see this final step happen, it’s a bit like looking at the emptiness of death. At least, in this case, other people can play a game that, in our opinion, went pretty well. It has one thing where you can turn a little into a rotating cosmic octopus. It’s probably better than death, I think.

I am okay. Transforming into a rotating octopus is better than death. Better than a lot, really.

I am always happy to see a game of quality exit at anticipated access. I have not yet had the chance to play Beacon, but I heard good.

6 levels generated randomly — Enter the Focus Outlands, froze a path through the invaded turns and push the pollution to the Omega Vault cryptic where is your Beacon
A rich multi-faction world to recover — Collect memories to discover the mysteries behind the 5 factions on Kovus-18, find variants of bickered weapons left by the previous clones and follow your percentage of secrets discovered at The end of each level
More than 10 types of unique weather conditions with storm events — Avoid or tactically use the Hilleshards, Tesla storms and polluted tornadoes.
More than 100 mutations and 5 types of DNA — Collect died enemy DNA and modify your statistics after death. Earn new capabilities with each new clone and turn your character into something not quite human.
More than 180 items spread over 4 types of items — Resume an advantage with single-use pickups, activate your reusable auxiliary, exchange your Grenade mod and fill up full of passive mods
120 + Weapons — Find your favorite arsenal among unique technologies distributed in different factions
More than 100 enemies with variants of champion — Varied factions that live in Kovus-18 will fight as well as you
15 + BOSS Fights — Face the ultimate life forms of each faction, including Souls Hivemind, Mainframe prism and Tritoraptor Matrices

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Beacon seems to be a solid rogue-lite. I think it’s enough here to offer fans of the genre.

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