Pokemon Dipari Mike The trainer waiting for Friday continues Illustrated book should hold the key to completion

It is Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl ( Diploma Mike ) released on November 19th, but it looks like a trainer who is waiting for Friday. The background seems to be involved in the existence of A Pokémon that only appears on a specific day of the week.

The trainers are making friends, and the Fuses Pokémon France. If the conditions match, the Son Town will come out, and you should see the place where you are fluffy in the on the right side. One of the conditions was I only appear every Friday.

It was Friday on November 19 that Dipalimeike was released in Japan, so If you promote the story in the release date… I could meet France…. But now it became a neck, another appearance condition. France does not come out if you do not solve the turmoil of Amino Turn that occurs in the beginning of the story.

If it is the same as the original version of the specification, after the event, it should come from the next Friday that is open one day from the next Friday. Therefore, it is the fastest to meet France in DARPA Mike, and it is November 26.

What is the reason for a trainer waiting for Want?

It is a unique task linked with real time, but there are many trainers who are suffering from this. For this reason, it is necessary to meet France to complete the Shin-Ow Launch.

Once, it is possible to register the France in the picture book by fighting the trainer of Yosugaim. However, if you correct it to the quiz in Yoga ZIM, it is not a trainer that has been hit by a good (?) Since it is a specification that will reach Jim Leader directly?

If Friday visits for anything, Hunter should come to Satsuma no Tuna. If the Shinto picture book is completed, the content after entering the hall is released, so I would like you to not miss this chance.

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