Battlefield 2042 Director of Design Fawzi Mesmar makes its bags

In the wake of the complicated launch of Battlefield 2042, Nazi Mesmer, the director of the game design team, announced his imminent departure to other members of Dice, despite the many updates whose game will need to answer expectations to.

The head of design for ‘Battlefield 2042’ is leaving the developer

The story does not say if Nazi Mesmer goes away with the feeling of the duty accomplished since Battlefield 2042 shows a record number of negative evaluations on Steam and a mediocre 67 of average on Operatic, but this barrier Past by Atlas, Game loft, Knish and King, ensures that his departure was programmed for a long time. His next destination is not yet known, but it indicates that it has received Proposition impossible to refuse from another company, which will allow it to stay in Stockholm. Recruited in September 2019 by Dice as Director of Design, Nazi Mesmer was part of the Studio’s management team and directed the entire designer team, which more than 80 people in charge of the design of Game, levels, user interface or technique.

The announcement of Nazi Mesmer’s departure was relayed on the NGC site by Tom Henderson, often well-informed about the Electronic Arts franchise, which adds on Twitter that many departures are to be expected within Dice. So many recruitments.

During this time, a die obviously continues to coal and has just deployed the second post-launch update of the game. Detailed here, it offers a list of changes and balancing for vehicles and weapons while correcting major concerns observed during the early access week. The third update is currently scheduled for next week and will make more changes, patches and improvements than the previous two.

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