New World Housing taxes are considerably reduced

Just to warn you, the DENY World Housing Taxes have been reduced by 90% on all servers of the game. It is not known if this will create the pain of the owner companies of the cities or the joy of the players with a low budget and there is no way to avoid this choice made by the developers. According to Touch’s comments in the Amazon Games MMO Forum, all should benefit, since Companies that were victims of this reduction in the property logically received early compensation so as not to lose income from this decision of the Promoters But the New World development team guarantee that a new delivery will be granted after the monthly December update.

New World House Tax 90% Reduction! Pay Your Tax Now For A Discount (New World Update)

The cause of this reduction of housing taxes is the recent problem of duplications and exploits. so as not to block exchanges, developers have chosen this alternative. Housing taxes will resume its normal course from the month of December, therefore, taxes will be quite low for around a month. Do not burn your purse yet in the auction house, since the bill will be very high when the property taxes return. This is just a tip, since the owner companies could well put taxes to the maximum to replace the coffers in a while.

It will be necessary to see if developers use this tax regulation in a good way, as this could destabilize the economy of the game in the long run if it is not used well. The generalized anger of the players could further reduce the general economy of Ethereum and could completely ruin the experience of many players, so they will have to walk carefully to not exploit the real estate bubble such and As it happened in real life almost 20 years ago.

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