Paradox does not mean who is making blood 2 so that the study can focus entirely on development

In the results report of its Q3, Paradox has addressed one of its best-saved mysteries: Who is developing Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 ?

Until the beginning of this year, the team in charge of the game was Hard suit Labs, but in February we learned that the development had changed hands after several drastic changes that have already doubted if the project was going to arrive at a good port: there were dismissals Important and also withdrawn sounds like Ellisons face, narrative designer. The secret was then kept on which study of the projects command, and it seems that the idea is to continue like this until more concrete details can be given over the game and its state.

According to Alexander Brick, CFO of Paradox, the new developer is advancing quite well, and we are happy with the current progress of the project. The video in which you talk about the subject can be seen under these lines.

However, there is still a time before we can start talking about launch dates, so we prefer to facilitate the study a situation in which it can completely focus on the development of the game and does not have to go to the fans that are Contact. That is why we have not made public the name of the study, and we want it to be so for a while.

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There are also reasons to respect the dates, of course: I was going to come out in 2020, it ended up moving to 2021, and now we know that, as little, until 2022 we will not have it between us. And for the hairs, in fact: the game was about to cancel at the beginning of the year, when the decision was made to give it the project to a new study.

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