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Activision Blizzard is a computer system and also computer game team based in Santa Monica, The Golden State, United States. The company originated from the Fusion of the Publisher Activision with Vivaldi Universal Games. In regard to sales, the firm is the market leader in the computer and also video games industry. The shares of the firm are traded under the abbreviation ATV at the NASDAQ. Bulk proprietor was Vivaldi up until July 2013.
The company developed on 10 July 2008 by the merging of the United States Group Activision and also Vivaldi Games, a 100% subsidiary of the media firm Vivaldi. The Game Sup of Vivaldi was included into Activision, which Vivaldi obtained the stock bulk of Activision Blizzard with 52 percent of the shares. Vivaldi has depended on choices the possibility of increasing the shares to 68 percent. The component Blizzard in the firm name returns to the computer games developer Blizzard Home entertainment, which Vivaldi Games introduced into the new Team. Because of the general brownness by the development of the computer video game Wow, the high sales share in Vivaldi Games as well as the freedom that the workshop takes pleasure in both under Vivaldi Games and the new group, the combination partners chose to accommodate Blizzard in behalf of the business.

After a new great article on sexism scandal for Activision Blizzard will now vote loudly, which demand the resignation of the CEO. But will that really happen? We talk about it in the current episode of the Memo podcast.

This is the topic: Since July, the scandal is about the developer and Publisher Activision Blizzard. After an authority of the state of California has sued the company for sexism and violation of civil rights, and more ugly details came to light through investigations and surveys of employees.

In the latest research on the topic of Wall Street Journal (Via WSJ), the CEO of the Publisher, Bobby Kick, was charged as a commissar and also accomplishes. Accordingly, it was quickly voted loud that he should resign as the CEO of the company.

The Executive Board of Activision Blizzard has repeatedly assured her support to her CEO, but there are many votes:

Some investors who hold shares worth around €275 million are demanding their resignation
Over 1,000 Blizzard employees have signed a petition for his resignation.

Partner companies like Sony and Microsoft (via Gamer) have already critically expressed against Activision Blizzard.

Also, the Publisher share has been on the descent for publishers since July and has already lost about 27% of its original value in the last 6 months.

But how likely is it that Bobby Kick clears his post? With the question, editor-in-chief Day Minkowski and editorial manager Herd Schumann dealt.

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You would like to be invited to discuss with us about the topic. What do you think? Will Bobby Kick resign or not?

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