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[Eye News 24 Moon Byung-soo] A new style of famous illustrator Kim Hyung TAE, which holds a thick fan floor in the domestic and overseas game market, Nike: The goddess of victory was taken off the veil from Just 2021.

Genesis 2, Blade & Soul, etc., is a unique picture, such as a unique picture, and the representative of the 2015 is a set-up, the following year, and the first work of his first work, and the attention was noticed. Currently, Nike: We are developing differentiated games such as the goddess of victory and Project: Eve.

김수연 & 김형태 Su Yeon KIM Hyungtae KIM FS 2016 Jr Worlds
Just 2021 BTC tube Shift-up booth Nice: I was able to experience the goddess of victory directly. This game also attracted attention with the character production and 2D illustrations that 2D illustrations that are the core of Kim Hyung TAEs representative game were combined.

NYSE: The goddess of victory is basically a 3-person (TPS) shooting game basically. There is no moving element in battle, and it was a variable with a character replacement for target and context through a touchpad.

It is a combat design that can be somewhat flat, but Nike: The goddess of victory is a judgment that it overcomes this with a shift-specific character illustrations. Attractive characters have realized the guns, especially when they were fascinated by the monsters, there was an element that stimulates something deep in the minds of the game fans who prefer a girl game.

The weapons used by Nice were different. If there is Nice to enroll in a regular rifle, there was a need for a rocket to launch a rocket or a shotgun in a shotgun. The sense of damage and performance by the weapon, and the hand taste was definitely. It is clear that it can be cleared, but it is possible to overcome a niche that is right as it goes to the end of the year, but the lower the situation.

In MMORPGs floods, she is a girl TPS game, which is a truly challenging genre, which was definitely noted. Compared to other game stories that are validated and safe, the shift-up is a significant different route. Nike: The goddess of victory is likely to reveal the presence of the victory in the domestic market where the games that are as follows are.

There are still a lot of content that needs to be trimmed as a step, but a lot of content to be prepared, but Nike: The goddess of victory would have helped to add more diversity to the domestic game market.

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