Gesta 2021 Anyone can play games Disabled game accessibility debate open

Game Culture Foundation held a game for the Disabled Accessibility Promotion Plan Debate held in BEX CO is the 17th G-Star.

National Rehabilitation Center yipyeongho researchers announced the development aid practices improving game accessibility, WAIST (WAIST) Tea Professor LIM talked about game accessibility in gaming culture ecological point of view. Nixon Communications imjuhyeon team leader introduced the company s efforts to improve access to the game, Han shin University professor gave a lecture choeeungyeong the disabled e-sports theme.

The venue has gimgyeongil Foundation Chairman, the national force, TAE Hyung, Oh Helen lawmakers, the joseungrae Democratic lawmakers left the barn came along. Gimgyeongil President s 4th industrial revolution is represented by this game accessibility, he uttered, We and whether your disability must create an environment that allows you to conveniently enjoy the game regardless.

And TAE Hyung Senator her while he mentioned the Disabled Accessibility hyangsangbeop game, one foot on the edge of the disabled, she argued that improved access Disabled game is of course the social challenges to our society. Oh Helen told lawmakers that to those who approach the game in either disabled or non-discrimination is no high, joseungrae lawmakers will look at the game from the perspective of the met averse era of universal design.

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National Rehabilitation Center Case Study, Research Support desperate for handicapped accessibility

National Rehabilitation Center that debate is the strong performance reported nature of the disability games ancillary equipment was conducted 10 months.

Yipyeongho researchers introduced the practice created a subsidiary for research support independent living skills goals. The Institute and the National Rehabilitation Center is looking for a suitable game with brain lesions with disabilities to enjoy, and to develop with the device accordingly. Review the terms and conditions, including investigating cases abroad each year to invite experts such as games, disability, psychological embarked on a project.

National Rehabilitation Center has materialized meeting targets with disabilities between 12 and 25 years of age. Gaining there were participants who enjoy the game once, while the activity took out the fun of the game, these activities were reflected in research and development. Meeting to assess the accessibility of existing equipment console Xbox, Nintendo switches, etc. On the other hand, the content (games) were reviewed throughout that you have the interest component of brain lesions with disabilities to enjoy.

As a result, self-help groups were able to test such has undertaken to open source manuals for game development subsidiary janggaphyeong Joyce strap, adaptive controller for the disabled. Yipyeongho researchers emphasized that this study need to spread and professional support for expanding access to the game. As well as future plans were presented to others handicapped physically disabled with cerebral palsy, muscular disabilities, developmental disabilities, the elderly and the study of auxiliary equipment that can be accessed even children.

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Anyone can play! The game is the culture of both.

WAIST Professor LIM Tea I think the game is accessible again. This game extended accessibility in gaming culture ecological point of view. The professor also gave a lecture on the subject of whether duplication with severe disabilities and their families through experience what a game, and games experience has studied the affects on the quality of life in their daily lives. It duplicates the severely disabled players through they knew it sipeohaneunga and some experience with the game in the future.

The professor also compared the gameplay experience changes after the disabled person and the family as a target in front of self-help groups (a total of five households). The results of these households experienced members to play the game has experienced the positive effects of emotional and social. The professor also expressed that it was well-being, from self-help groups as well as leisure could be seen throughout the social well-being, including emotional well-being such as to discover their new capabilities and strengthening ties with family members, new relationships chins.

One participant said that to the investigators, and then the game was fun, funny and life. I feel better now than before the game a lot I can do. Another participant told that while the game seems to be that families understand me better.

Metropolitan Professor LIM based on the results of this study have emphasized the need to create an open space for everyone to play games developed, so anyone can play commercial games. He s then gaming devices, expanding the other hand, the game literacy training to improve the accessibility of such software offered all mandeuljago games with cultural ecosystem. In addition, he argued that in-depth research is needed to understand the quality of the gaming experience of disabled family members and everyday life.

Game accessibility to the e-sports can be applied to people with disabilities and employment!

Nixon Communications imjuhyeon team leader has hired about 47% of its workers, the disabled, has introduced its case that 61% of people with severe disabilities in employment. NHN Monte, NC soft, Wezen dream, Notable such as passing situations that expanding the Employment of the Disabled in the gaming industry if production this game accessibility guidelines, and to develop methods for the disabled can be shared, and the welfare of its results disabilities of course, he said the development of the gaming culture can also be reduced.

Han shin University professor choeeungyeong carried such force that Notable game s e disabled while a positive evaluation of the sports expansion, the disabled should be guaranteed access to the broader e-sports. She is a proposal that, referring to such sued interpreter for handicapped e-sports stadium Overview and deaf of public broadcasting in Anshan, she is without disabilities as well as people with disabilities also come off the system maintenance to actively expand into the e-Sports industry did.

The debate video can be seen again in Game Culture Foundation YouTube.

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