F 2 Super Reverse Additional Ace Combat 7 Latest DLC Delivery Air Combat 22 also for additional emblems

Ace Combat is an arcade-style combat trip simulation computer game franchise business released by Banzai NAMC Entertainment, formerly NAMC. Debuting in 1995 with Air Combat for the PlayStation, the collection includes eight mainline installations, multiple spin-offs, and also various other forms of media, such as books, model sets, as well as soundtrack albums. Considering that 2012, the collection has actually been created mostly by Banzai NAMC Studios through its inner growth team, Project Aces.
The franchise business stresses fast-paced action as well as significant stories with semi-realistic gameplay; for instance, boxer airplane have pitch, yaw, as well as roll control and also can stall, however are additionally able to bring lots of projectiles in hammer space. Since 2021, the Ace Combat franchise has shipped over 17 million copies worldwide, and has developed itself as one of the longest running gallery flight activity franchise business.
The primary series of games happens in a fictionalized globe inhabited with imaginary countries with details loosely based on real-life areas, events, as well as battles. Among the major selling points of the series is the capacity to pilot a variety of aircraft that include precise or slightly changed depictions of contemporary armed forces aircraft, models that never saw actual fight, and completely fictional boss-type super weapons. There are tips of the connection in between the games, as some characters and occasions are referenced from one video game to one more.

BANZAI NAMC Entertainment has delivered the latest DLC 25th Anniversary DLC Cutting-Edge Aircraft Series of the flight shooter game Ace Combat 7 Skye s Ann own on November 17th.

The DLC delivered this time, F / A-18F Super Hornet Block III (THE BOEING COMPANY) and F-2A equipped with a conformal fuel tank (CFT) on the upper part of the machine. SUPER KAI (Lockheed Martin Corporation), and a relatively new aircraft, MIG-35D Super Fulcrum (Joint-Stock Company Russian Aircraft Corporation MIG ).

CFT with F / A-18F Super Hornet Block III, specially weaving 4aam / 8agM / LACK and multiple enemies with multiple enemies, Cockpit also converts cockpit to large display The difference between normal F / A-18F (AAM / LAST / EML) appears.

In addition, in F-2A Super Kai, since the LAST design has become ASM-3, it is equipped with 6AAM and NEWS, and MIG-35D is also SAM / 4AGM / 6AAM, so these two models are likewise It has a compatible configuration.

In the aircraft color, the general resource color entangled in the DLC scenario is added to the F-16C or F-15 S / MTD, F / A-18F, and the SU-57 scar faces for the F-2A Villa Collar Corps Color Appearing in Ace Combat X2, Ace Combat X2 appearing in color, SU-37 and MIG-31b, Wind Hover Corps Color, F-22A and X-02S Large Greet Color, Additional Prototype Color for ADFX-01 and prototype color for X-02.

In the emblem, the emblem is added to the air combat 22 mode selection of the Ace Combat series of the Ace Combat series in addition to the design and the 25th anniversary emblems. In addition, at the time of Ace Combat 7 released, we have posted an interview article for Mr. Juno Our and Kuji, who was the development staff of Air Combat 22 and Kuji. The details of DLC are below.

● Playable aircraft

· F / A-18F Super Hornet BLOCK III (The Boeing Company)

· F-2A-SUPER KAI- (Lockheed Martin Corporation)

· MIG-35D Super Fulcrum (Joint-Stock Company Russian Aircraft Corporation MIG )

※ Each aircraft is included, and special areas are included.

Delivery date: November 17, 202 (Wed)

● Set purchase bonus

13 types of aircraft skin: ACE Combat From past works, rival units and main character squadron skins


· SU-37 Terminator Vascular Skin

· F-15 S / MTD General Resource Skin

· F / A-18F Super Hornet General Resource Skin

· F-16C Fighting Falcon General Resource Skin

· X-02S Strike Wyvern Razor Skin


· F-16C Fighting Falcon Wind hover Skin

SU-57 Scarface Skin



· X-02S Strike Wyvern Prototype Skin


Emblem 10 types:

· 4 kinds of emblems of Na gets commemorating the 25th anniversary of the series

· Series return titles Air Combat 22 Emblem 4

2 Design emblems than series titles

25th Anniversary DLC-Cutting-Edge Aircraft Series-Set of set purchase bonus skins and emblems There is no individual sales of the benefits.

To avoid product duplicate purchases, 25th Anniversary DLC-Cutting-Edge Aircraft Series-If you purchase a single item in the three aircraft included in the set, you can not purchase a set product later. In this case, be careful when purchasing product purchases, as you can not get the set purchase bonus skin and emblem.

Set purchase F-15 S / MTD GENERAL RESOURCE To use the F-15 S / MTD General Resource Skin Obtained ACE Combat 7: Skies Unknown Playable Affairs F-15 S / MTD for each platform store You must have.

Set purchase ACE Combat 7: Skies Unknown Playable Building ADFX-01 Morgan, which is included with ADFX-01 Glowing Red Skin, included in the benefits..

Set purchase ACE COMBAT 7: Skies Unknown Playable aircraft ADFX-01 Morgan, which is sold in each platform store, included in the bonus benefits.

Besides, collaboration items with Alpha Industries start the outerwear normal sales from November 23rd. In addition, the first single DJ program Ace Combat 25th Anniversary OBC Special Program Edge of Hangar Mix in the Ace Combat series is delivered in winter (DJ Performer).

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