A Short Hike s peaceful mountain scenery will soon be available with Xbox and PlayStation

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A Short Hike - Release Date Announcement | PS5, PS4
Indie adventure A Short Hike was dated for new platforms. The publication can be viewed from the end of the news. The developer Whippoorwill announced that the A Short Hike A, originally published in 2019, will be published for PlayStation 4 and Xbox on November 16th. SWITCH This peaceful mountain adventure found its way in August last year. Developer promises that the game with PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 Trolley or Xbox One X playing to enjoy 4K resolution. AU SKA FAK TA : A Short Hike Found Console from the 2019 Christmas Calendar Petra Lesbian as mentioned as the best game mentioned by the year. In August 2020 Games Petra says a Short Hikes ta The following: A sympathetic adventure enchants his calmness, entertaining with the mud of the mud and raises the smile on the face otherwise. ► Off the comfort zone: Games for August 2020

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