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Dad, is Where?

November 11, representatives Bethesda, Todd Howard, said forward (Ask anything) AMA through the North American community site Reddit. That the AMA dwaeteumyeo proceeds to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Star Field, The Elder Scrolls 6> etc. were some public information on Bethesda Game is being made.

First is the question that everyone is wondering. Is there an update to the ? To the question, I know that the long wait is. We like this. My son on Father s Day this year, my dad is really cool, but is Where? I gave you that card, he replied. Yet Star Field> as the market is not complete or decisions with respect to, information of interest to the public is likely not large.

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Said authentic information about release dates for Star Field>. Todd Howard has stated that will be next summer. It is assumed in the plan to release more information in the biggest game show E3 2022 held ahead of the launch. Star Field> is scheduled to be released on November 11, 2022.

Mode support was also officially confirmed. Todd Howard, Star field> will support a full mode like the previous games. We have been with the mod community for 20 years, I hope they can do more, he said.

to create collaboration and to tell them the Amazon has also continued to progress plans TV series. TV series did not reveal much information was formulated in July 2020 production.

Todd Howard has some answers to questions contained a joke. If gaining Bethesda fans gathered some interesting questions and answers might come.

Reddit AMA Collection

Q. on the development behind the video, he mentioned danyeotdago chess club. However, it seems, I not saw the gun went only other evidence Chess Club. What happened?

A. Junior Chess Club is time.

(Todd Howard has been a joke for overseas fans was mentioned that the bar went to a chess club in my school days videos of the Development spark).

Q. Best / worst bug you have experienced?

A A long time ago: put the lead programmer at Turn all the buildings to feed me Trick

Q. The Bar Is Crazy affect the team philosophy about the game release?

A. and can only respond to the problems we have faced such. We sikyeotgo let people learn here could be better.

After three years This was not a one of the most widely played games in Bethesda luck. Is <76 Fallout> gave thanks to the 11 million players created an amazing community. Thanks to it could be a much better developer.

Q. Have an idea you want to add a ladder to climb in the development process? Is animation format rise automatically ( There are no ladders) ladder to appear in Star field> trailers, button ?

A. Despite the advent of super computers and next-generation hardware, the ladder is our nemesis.

Climb the ladder of Star Field> is the correct animation. It does not appear often.

Q. If you can get into the video game, it will go to any games?


Q. Favorite characters are dinosaurs?

A. Joshi

Bethesda boss Todd Howard's own son trolls him over Elder Scrolls VI

Q. What do you think about ?

A. is a great game. An avid fan of Obsidian, friends quite often.

Q. Do you often visit the cloud earth ? ( Jokes appeared related to the person Najib )

A. right. Often visit.

Q. Now: are play . Have a tip?

A. Select and acrobatics, continue jumping.

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