The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Players Surprised after the player discovers a hidden feature

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is ten years old, but many still play it in three generations of consoles and, of course, the PC, where the game is more popular, thanks to the modifications. And with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Soon, the game is about to have a great injection of new and inactive players. With the anniversary edition, players will have completely new content to experiment and enjoy. That said, even if the relaunch did not have any new content, the players would still have many new things to experiment and discover. Skyrim Not only has a vast open world full of content, but has a lot of content, features and mechanics that are very easy to lose, especially if you are only playing a game of the game.

To this end, a fan who still played addressed Reddit to share his most recent discovery, which technically is not a new discovery, because some players have known him. However, on the Reddit page of the game, many players were on a similar boat, which means they had no idea that the function existed below. And taking into account that the Reddit page of the game is full of some of the most unconditional fans of the game, this is quite revealing and means that most players probably have no idea that you can take pods of alpine spiders and combine them with Gems and stones of the soul to give you. Different spiders that can be launched to enemies and NPC.

This is the first time I find this, take pods of alpine spiders and combines with gems / stones of the soul and give you different spiders that you can throw people. I thought I could share it since I recently met this after playing for years. It is not a mod. From

«I had never seen this shit before. I have been playing Skyrim for seven years and still learning new things, read in a response to publication. Wow, this game continues to give «, read in another answer.

How You've Been Playing Skyrim Wrong This Whole Time

The interesting thing that so many players do not know this is the fact that there is a newspaper right next to the capsules that explains what you can do this, which shows that the players never read the journals and game documents.

Said all this, it should be taken into account that if you have never played dawn guard DLC, you will not know why it is not in the base game. Of course, this fact could be the biggest contributor to why so many players do not know.

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