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The Elder Scrolls Online has had an immense amount of content over time of its market launch, with new content regularly appearing. One of these content updates was first recently to publish the DEADLAND DLC / UPDATE 32 for the experience. One of the news in the game was the Armory system, with which player can store their own builds easily in the game. There is even a weapon chamber that can be placed in your player s home to use it. In this guide article you will learn everything you have about dealing with the. Knowledge must be elder Scrolls Online Wun Chamber system, as you get the armor station and how you exchange builds for your character.

How to get the armory in ESO

The elder Scrolls Online The Armory System itself allows you to save custom character builds and keep your equipment, skills, attributes, champion points, and also to pursue if you re a workwolf or a vampire. Players are available two free build slots per character. However, if you need more, you can buy arms chamber slots in the crown shop in the Upgrades section.

The establishment of the armory is also free for all players. Just go to the Crown Store and locate the Armory Station Setup, you will be listed as a free and you can buy it and now place in your player players.

How to swap builds

To save the builds of your character, first interact with the Armory Station and you have the choice between save build, Equip Build and also an option to access the build settings. You want to save your character build. After your character build is stored, you can prepare another build from your inventory, which is prepared by you still stored in the Armory Station.

You can exchange builds directly in the Armory Station. However, this may not be ideal for some players who want to change their build on the road, and there is a solution for that. You must get Ghrrasharog, the Weapon Chamber Assistant. This NPC can be summoned after the purchase of anywhere in the world and you can access the same options in the armory. Just go to the Crown Store and buy Ghrasharog. You can find them through a regular search or by the section Assistant on the Upgrades tab.

After purchasing the character, you can now go to the Collections menu and then to the section Allied. Summon Ghrrasharog from the Assistant area. Talk now with Ghrrasharog when you re prompted after you have been summoned, and you can now access the same options as in the armory, and that s unnecessary to mention. Swap your builds as needed.

ESO Armory System - Save and Change your Build Ingame with 1 Click!

The preparation of multiple builds is a good-forgeable way to ensure that they are prepared for challenging battles and scenarios elder scrolls online. Will you use this function?

The Elder Scrolls Online is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Mac and PC.

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