Trivium rocks Tamriel Everything about Heavy Metal

The Elder Scrolls (shortened Tes, Dt.: The scrolls of the old or the writings of the wise) is a video game collection of the US computer game maker Bethesda Softworks. The series mostly from computer role-playing games presently consists of fourteen titles for PC, game consoles and mobile phones, the recent publication is currently released on 1 May 2019 The Elder Scrolls: Blades for smart phones. Following to it exist 2 books.

Roleplaying and Metal: That just fits like the fist on the Daedra eye! Especially if the setting of medieval fantasy vibes exudes and in the background vicious gods or nasty demons forging their gruesome cabinets. Of course, the developers of The Elder Scrolls online, which have explained the entire autumn to the RockTober. The focus of the party is a cooperation with the American Metal band trivium. But there were also cool community actions and the raffle of a diabolically strong guitar.

In the following video we summarize you all this again and then rock, together with Bethesda, even the hut: with a raffle where you can dust some really cool prices from the Elder Scrolls Universe, which (offside from The ESO Collection including blackwood) nowhere is nowhere to buy.

Trivium rocks Tamriel! Everything about Heavy Metal Koop in ESO

Everywhere in the world of Elder Scrolls Online you can meet Bard, which produce dense fantasy atmosphere with your songs. About 100 such songs should meanwhile in the game, some of them with wonderfully dark texts, which would give great templates for a heavy metal cover. And who could be better suited for such a cover than the guys of trivium, which have long fans of Bethesda role-playing games and have already lost themselves for countless hours in the worlds of Fallout and Elder Scrolls? Just!

The joint cooperation brought a rocking Bard Cover, a new trivium song, lousy community activities and a lot more to light. A summary of the Rocktober in Tamriel is available below:

ESO rocks! Win exclusive prices from Tamriel

If you have missed the raffle of the guitar and community activities, you still have to go out empty! Together with Bethesda we are giving away really cool stuff from Elder Scrolls online.

Our main prize consists of:

Premium Bundle + ESO Collection incl. Blackwood
Branded ESO Xbox Controller (do not currently have to buy)
Mehrunes Dagon Body Pillow (do not currently buy)

Source: Bethesda cuddle with Mehrunes Dagon? This dream could become a reality! Source: Bethesda This blackwood controller for the Xbox just looks stylish.

In addition, two more players win the following prices:

1 x ESO Collection incl. Blackwood

Trivium rockt Tamriel! Alles zur Heavy-Metal-Koop in ESO / Gewinnt Premium Bundle & Xbox Controller
1 x leather-bound notebook (do not currently have to buy)

This leather-bound notebook is nowhere to buy. Source: Bethesda Premium Bundle consists of the following content:

Mehrunes Dagon statue about 16.51 cm tall, handpainted and consists entirely of polyresin
Lithography with the dimensions approx. 40,64 cm x 22,86 cm
Ambition sign embedded on both sides with approx. 5.08 cm in diameter. The bronze look makes it old, real and powerful

The Premium Bundle with an impressive statue of Mehrunes Dagon. Source: Bethesda
The ESO Collection In addition to the main game of The Elder Scrolls Online also includes all previously published chapters, so Blackwood (from 2021), Greymoor, Elswyr, Summerset and Morrowind.

If you want to participate in the raffle, your email address in the following field and answers us a question about trivium cooperation properly.

Sweepstakes loads…

Important comments on the raffle: The raffle runs until 8 November 2021 at 10:00. Shortly thereafter, we will probably exclude and contact the winners – after all, we need the addresses to send profits. The legal road is as always excluded and a cash payment of the prices is not possible. Our general competition conditions can be found here.

Fingers crossed to all participants! By the way, it is currently a great time to stop in The Elder Scrolls online. With Deadlands on PC, Mac and Stadia on 01 November, the final of the annual history goals of Oblivion appeared. On Xbox and PlayStation we start on 16 November. You expect the fiery deadlines and their ruler: Mehrunes Dagon, the Dedrian prince of destruction.

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