US Senator Blames Videogames for Unemployment

Once again, we have the case that some politician without any kind of knowledge about videogames has decided to blame this medium for something that does not even make sense. On this occasion we have Josh Hawley, a US senator who recently joined the world with the recent statements of him against gaming.

Yesterday, during the National Conference Conference, Hawley stated that in recent years he has declined the rate of marriages and people who attends college. According to this senator, there are more and more men whose masculinity is criticized, and as a consequence, they decide to leave their jobs to be protected in pornography and videogames.

Josh Hawley Says More Men Today Are Watching Porn and Playing Video Games Because Their Masculinity Has Been Criticized.

Trump blames video games, movies for violence

  • Ron Filipkowski (@ronfilipkowski) November 1, 2021

Hawley closed the speech of him demanding that there must be more manufacturing jobs in the United States, as well as the creation of new tax credits for men who decide to get married. Hawley Wait for this to decrease the number of people who decide to abandon their job in favor of pornography and games.

Editor s Note: The statements of Hawley definitely have nothing sense, especially when it was shown that video games actually have certain benefits, which were further promoted during the pandemic, so first is Important information before speaking.

Via: Kotaku

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