ESO We played the last DLC of the year and it will be great

With Deadlands inthe Elder Scrolls Online is the year to the gates of Oblivion and the chapter Blackwood over. As usual, rotate the developer to the finals again right on, but at Deadlands they have outdone themselves, according MeinMMO editor Juergen Horn itself. Read here his scan report with the developers!

What is actually Deadlands? Deadlands is the final DLC in 2021 and thus marks the end of the current campaign Gates of Oblivion, which revolves around the new chapter Blackwood.

In Deadlands it goes into the eponymous dead countries, the domain of the dreaded Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon, Lord of the destruction, but also of a new beginning.

According to the developers should we end up experiencing a epic showdown with the prince of destruction. What exactly happens in the end, to be not revealed here. But I still spent a good hour with the developers in the Deadlands and experienced a lot here.

Anyone who has played everything? MeinMMO editor Juergen Horn was traveling on the test server in the Deadlands and was accompanied by two programmers, Jeremy Sera (Lead Content Designer) and Tom Murphy (Zone Lead). Together with the two Devs I explored the coolest areas of the DLCs and peppered the two with many questions.

Deadra in civil

Where are we going? Our journey begins in Deadlands once not in the dead countries. Rather, we start in a quaint town called remote grave. And the grave is here to be taken literally, because the city was built around the skeletons of gigantic beings around.

That make them look a bit like Mehrunes Dagon itself and the developers leave open nature of which are actually from the colossal bones. Remote from grave finally, the push is to begin in the dead country, because the city wanders through the realms of oblivion and currently it is in sync with the domain of Dagon.

What s so great about the city? Remote grave is staged just great. On the horizon you can see on the trip to the city of the huge bones that protrude above the towers of the city. Add to this the unique architecture of living there Daedra, a grim mix of architectural styles from oriental-style, mixed with gothic-style waves and the characteristic door and window arches.

a strange sky in bizarre colors, decorated stars out of strange, yet beautiful on all spans. Oh yes, we are no longer in Tamriel, noted a developer to laconically.

In addition to the strange and fascinating appearance of the city I live here also first the dreaded Daedra a completely different way. Because so far this horned creatures were mostly enemies, and I set to non-friendly.

But the residents live a regular, civilian life of Oblivion in remote grave. You go to the market, gossiping with their neighbors or enjoy the tricks of jugglers.

There are those small little details that make ESO so fascinating and adorable and the Deadlands DLC again offers moderately such moments.

In addition, but a wandering town as remote grave would be the ideal home base for more forays into the realms of staging of forgetting. This is indeed a wonderful idea, said one of my companions to and I will not shake the feeling that we will see more of remote grave in the future.

The Deadlands in another form

What are the Deadlands? Finally, we leave the city by a grim, red portal and now we are finally in the dead countries. And make lives up to its name, as soon as we show up, we receive a desolate wilderness. beat out an ominous overcast sky with red clouds every second flashes, and which are not only brilliant backdrop!

Rather, it is here to dangerous surface effects which cause our hero sensitive damage if we do not quickly jump from being cut.

We wanted to not only bring the typical fire-landscape, which you might know from other games yet, said one of the Devs. Rather, here the domain of destruction was divided into two aspects.

Fire and lava on the one hand and the forces of nature such as storms on the other. A creative design decision by the definitely benefits the new zone. Who wants to always dodder by the same scorched wasteland?

What we encounter here? In the Deadlands teeming with dangers. Among them are entirely new being, like free-roaming world bosses. They should be especially hard to fight and make a kind of enforcer of Dagon will. If you want to beat them, you have to find them first, and then a small raid group start on me betraying the developers.

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What is particularly impressive? In the dead countries are always powerful fortresses in which Dagon s henchmen pushes dark plans. In the course of the campaign we will experience many fights here.

In addition, we explore a particularly gloomy corner of the map. In the blood pit, Mehrunes Dagon holds his worst enemies, because dead Daedra would come again at some point, but in captivity they no longer disturb him.

The pit is literally to take, because we have to fight for several levels before we can cling to the ground of the pit with a sustainable endboss and nasty Daedra robes.

At the end of our round trip, we visit a huge world boss, a kind of worm, which is located in a cave and comes out only and to get out of and to accept sacrifices of cultists. So that our rambler finds a heroic end, we approach the viech and are dead in a second. A truly epic end!

Giant Update 32 for everyone!

What else is? The new DLC is extremely impressive, but also for players who only want to play regular ESO, the developers have packed a free update number 32 that will benefit each player.

The update brings a few powerful innovations that we have already introduced otherwise. Here again the most important contents of update 32:

The arsenal with which you can change your loadouts at any time
Curated chance on object sets without annoying RNG
New graphics options for NVIDIA cards
Changes to the combat system

Conclusion: I did not think that you can still top Elswyr

My favorite chapter in Eso was the story about Elswyr and I hardly thought it was possible for the developers at Zenimax to do that.

But with the Deadlands, that s finally succeeded, because although the final DLCs have always been a spectacle, the devs have surpassed themselves.

Alone the strange flair and the tense mood in the Totenlands and the city of City are of course looking for their none and is literally, how small and unimportant one is forgotten against, which Mehrunes Dagon can unleash.

Anyway, I m really looking forward to the release of Deadlands and the great final with Dagon, which certainly will not be the last meeting with the prince of destruction.

I just wonder how the developers still want to top this fireworks at creativity and atmosphere next year. But after I have seen what great work the developers have done so far, I have full confidence in that ESO continues in the coming years of grandiose.

Jürgen Horn
Editor at Meinmmo

Deadlands, the Final ESO-DLC for 2021, appears on 1 November 2021 for PC, Stadia and Mac. On the PlayStation and Xbox the DLC comes only on 16 November. According to our MeinMMO editor and MMORPG expert Alexander Leitsch, ESO belongs to the good MMORPGs, of which it just curiously too many gives.

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