Skyrim NPC becomes the main character and devastated whole sky edge

What are the NPCs from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim actually, if you do not always suspend? A player wants to find out exactly and pursues Ulfric storm mantle quietly and secretly on his journey through heaven. The leader of the storm coatings leaves a swab of the devastation behind.

skyrim: Which adventure is experiencing Ulfric storm mantel?

In the course of the main squest of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim you will receive the opportunity to forge a temporary peace between the storm coating and the imperial. So the dragon blood prepares a meeting on high-hrothgar and invites the leader of the enemy fractions. The Reddit User Marigoldsandviolets notes that Ulfric Sturchmantel does not hesitate a second and makes it perfectly on the way to the neck of the world.

A bold decision for someone who has just escaped just under his own execution. On his journey, however, it becomes clear that sky edge takes someone, which protects it from Ulfric storm mantel and not vice versa. The player reports that the (after all immortal) NPC has attacked everything and everyone who has put himself in the way. Be it bears or bandits or complete imperial patrols, nobody is safe from the Jarl s Windhelm.

Skyrim NPC fights through a whole city

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Especially bizarre is finally the adventure, when Ulfric arrives in river forest and without provocation the blacksmith Alvor kills. The wakeable watches can not stop the Berserker. According to Marigoldsandviolets, it took a whole 20 minutes, until Ulfric had fought away from the city so far that they finally take responsibility.

The player has also recorded some of the particularly exciting adventures Ulfrics on his switch. Here you can watch the recordings linked to Reddit. Following the conference, he also pursued Elisif and Tullius on their way to loneliness. Unfortunately, the imperials were unobtrusively and law.

A Skyrim player pursues Ulfric storm mantel on its way to the Peace Conference of High-Hrothgar. On the way, the Jarl fights everything and everyone who puts himself in the way. Even a defenseless blacksmith falls the storm jacket leader to the victim.

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