St Pauli as a blueprint for Werder Bremen

It took a little longer on Wednesday evening. Only after 120 minutes the FC St. Pauli decided the DFB Cup section in the 2nd round at League Competitor Dynamo Dresden for themselves: 3: 2 after extension, certainly a force stroke. So you could probably suggest an advantage for the SV Werder Bremen, whom such a stress – because already excreted in the first trophy – it has been spared during the week. But Mark s start looks different.

If you are successful from week to week, the Werder coach said about the upcoming opponent on Saturday afternoon (13.30 clock), and you play 120 minutes in the trophy and do not win – that s not you. You do not feel that strain. And as you know, FC St. Pauli is currently extremely successful, as the most recent results in the league show: 4: 0, 4: 2, 3: 0, 3: 1, 4: 1. The hamburgers lead the table to eleven play with three points lead and the ligavore most achieved hits sovereign.

You will now be rewarded that it will not be used for actionism a year ago.

Mark s beginning about the FC St. Pauli

This looked very different at the same time of the preseason, whereupon at the beginning during the Game Tag Press Conference on Thursday several times, I still have everything in mind. With eight points St. Pauli was the penultimate, but great differences to the team from about a year ago, apart from a few personnel adjustments, not really.

However, this development does not come from approximately – because it was obviously granted sufficient time. The hamburgers would not have been disturbed in bad phases, but have continued to work, said Bremen s coach, they will now be rewarded that they are not falling in actionism a year ago and the team has continuously built up. In Bremen, there are very similar topics since the beginning of the season, and it almost sounded like a quiet pleading: Looks, what can be possible if you only bring enough patience.

Die Pressekonferenz vor dem Auswärtsspiel beim SV Werder Bremen

Table is not an acute topic yet

Whether a full year can now be a suitable scale in order to be in the beginning of such a development, probably the Werder officers must be answered primarily. Still, the topic Table, with the Brothen in place ten, according to the statements of the trainer and also by Clemens Fritz at least no such acute that one would be permanently dealing with it. There were Bremens Head of ProfiFussball and Beginning agree: think from game to game, because the next thing is always the hardest thing.

Incidentally, the current run of FC St. Pauli should also be founded, the beginning explained: This is this self-confidence that you earn you if you have appropriate success experiences. From game to game gets the self-esteem, the conviction in your own game. That s the essentials and that got St. Pauli, said the 47-year-old. In Bremen there is still a lack of many of these things. But: Such a game against the league leader always offers certain possibilities in this regard.

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