Why KSC coach Eichner lets his number in Leverkusen

For the Baden, everything was fine on Wednesday evening. In the sum, all ingredients had been in the sauce to create such a sensation, Eichner was also aware. Of course, the game course with the early gate by Lucas Cueto (5.) proved to be an essential ingredient. In addition, the Queen Happiness (Eichner) came.

Especially after the break, Eichner became wild and consistently fell compensation. Actually, the ingredient for the turning, which now all expected. In such moments, it is often the case that the higher-class club gets the momentum and the ease you need in such a game as a favorite too, to push out a smaller opponent. In this phase, his team had rang out outstanding and was luckily again. Or was it more?


Eichner to the Hradecky-Patzer: You can also see it differently in life

Because the KSC quickly managed the renewed lead – through a momentous error of Lukas Hradecky. Or was not it a patzer? Before one or one of the existing journalists here from a catastrophic mistake from Leverkusen goalkeeper talks, you can see it differently in life, Eichner interpreted the situation from a different angle. The KSC has attacked high and enforced the mistake. You may be able to turn it over, if you want the little something good.

Thus, the coach has not quite wrong. Because the Baden pressed high, turned to Frimpong s return pass to the keeper courageously. Hradecky were sent by Cueto and scorer Kyoung-ROK Choi sent the pass paths, so it came under pressure to misplace. I made the wrong decision. Yes, shit, commented Hradecky.

At the press conference, Eichner Outered as a fan of the Werkself. I hope that this quality will continue to bring me a lot of joy on the couch on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, said 38-year-old and had an idea in my own thing. Because where much quality is, there are always a few players who do not come to the train. If you have to play anytime, I ll leave my number afterwards, Eichner offered. In Liga 2, football is also played. I always have my phone and ringtone. Let s see if it comes to a loan business in winter…

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