Cavallo after coming out of reactions overwhelmed

Cavallo 'overwhelmed' by support after coming out
The Australian footballer Josh Cavallo gives coming-out – and thus triggers a wave of the attempt.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic praises Josh Cavallo as a real champion, ex-world champion Gerard Pique recognizes an important step for football, and Thomas Hitzlsperger is also touched: Well played, Josh, wrote the 39-year-old CEO of the VfB Stuttgart at Twitter Day after the bold coming out of the Australian: I wish you a great career! You have already inspired many people and will continue to do it!

From the wave of an accident, which rushes from fan clubs of the Hamburger SV to the large FC Barcelona through the entire football world, Cavallo and Hitzlsperger may feel confirmed equally. It makes the impression as if the tolerance in the Josh has increased overall – an assessment that the German national player had already shared.

Hitzlsperger had publicly talked about his homosexuality after the end of his career, Cavallo now did so as the first active football pray in the Australian A-League. I m overwhelmed and happy about the resonance I received, said 21-year-old from Adelaide United at Sky Joshs a day after his coming-out.

I want to show the world that it does not matter who you are, what you believe from which culture you come or what background you have, added Cavallo: Everyone is accepted in football.

Ibrahimovic supports him. You re a champion. Football is there for everyone. Great respect, wrote the Swedish icon. Great respect to Josh that he did that, Liverpools also tweeted Captain Jordan Henderson: This is brave and conveys the important message that everyone deserves to be himself, no matter what he does.

While World Champion captain Philipp Lahm in his book published the book The game active professionals rather rather from a coming out, Hitzlsperger expressed himself much more confident. Players would have to weigh if they are worn by their closest environment, he said the Augsburg general: But the gossip, you can not risk that as a player because the fans or sponsors could react negatively: that s no longer contemporary. The fans are not up to date a lot on.

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