The creative director of The Elder Scrolls Online talks about Oblivion Companions and Deadlands

The Elder Scrolls Online is ready to conclude its one-year-old focused campaign with the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands in November. Before the launch of the final DLC for 2021 next month, had the opportunity to choose the brain of The Elder Scrolls Online The creative director Rich Lambert, all about the launches of this year s game, the companions and the new EADLANDS DLC.

If you are not familiar yet, Deadlands is configured to present several new areas such as Burn, The Sever and the huge city of Fargrave. In general, players will explore the new areas to stop Dagon s plans and prevent NIRN. According to the initial ad, the developer expects EADLANDS so that people complete approximately 20 hours.

In general, The Elder Scrolls Online itself is currently available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Google Stadia. As noted above, the latest DLC expansion, The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands, is scheduled to launch on November 1 for PC, Mac and Google Stadia and console players on November 16. You can check all our previous coverage of the popular MMORPG here.

Have you been playing The Elder Scrolls Online, recently? What do you think of changes in last year s title? Let us know in the comments or do not hesitate to contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to the games. And keep reading to see our full interview with The Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director Rich Lambert!

about the appeal of oblivion What does it have Oblivion who attracts so many people, do you think? Even compared to other parts of the franchise, Oblivion seems to be well above the rest in terms of response from fans.

Rich Lambert: That s a good question and I think it has many different answers depending on who you ask. What really attracts me is Dagon. Do not hide who are nor any of the intentions of it. It is simple and easy to understand the motivations of it. Add that to a family environment: fire and sulfur of hell, so to speak, and you will have something that really resonates with people.

Also, do not discard the sentimental side of things. For many people, Oblivion was his first introduction to the universe of Elder Scrolls, so he can visit him again and see how Oblivion was almost 1000 years before he is intriguing.

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about the introduction of colleagues

Exploring Oblivion in The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands DLC
What are some of the things that the team learned with the introduction of colleagues to Elder scrolls online ? It feels like such an important change.

The companions are something that we wanted to incorporate Thies for years, as a game online, having an adventurous companion always by your side is amazing.

We wanted colleagues who will help players explore the world and they also give them more access to group content at their own pace. Until now, the reaction of the players has been amazing.

In terms of lessons learned, there have been many, one of the most important has been on the side of performance. Initially we were really concerned that everyone in the game was essentially worth 2 players – player + companion. While it has been a concern that we have followed closely, all the work that the team did on the performance side has really been worth it and performance has not been greatly a problem with the companions.

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about the future of colleagues

Speaking of what the team learned, can you talk about what kind of plans are there for colleagues in the future?

I can not enter all the things we are planning, but one thing that I will say is that we know that everyone wants to be able to fall in love with their peers. It would be a great loss on our part if we do not comply with that at some time in the future.

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about what is different from Elder Scrolls online

What is it about Eld Scrolls online that distinguishes it from other MMO? Does that make the players come back? Obviously, Amazon nuevo world is very successful from the beginning, but this type of video game does not always have the power of permanence that Eld Scrolls online has had so far.

There are several reasons: I could continue looking for pages and pages for this. However, if it had to summarize it in some important points, they would be:

  1. There are no arbitrary level doors that prevent you from exploring the world. You can choose an address and go explore.

  2. You do not have to spend years of old content just to get to new things; You can jump into any story that interests you at any time.

  3. This is extremely easy to play with others: You can play with anyone regardless of the level or choice of alliance. A new player and a maximum level player can be grouped from day 1 and make significant progress.

  4. Classes do not force you to assume specific roles; Each class can perform any role and use any type of armor or weapon. This, along with the fact that any error that comets with a construction or configuration of character is very easy to undo, causes experiencing it really fun and easy.

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about the handling of the comments of the players

Speaking of players, what is your opinion about the comments of fans? Increasingly, we have seen that Fandoms exert their influence both positively and negatively with online video games.

This It would not be where it is today if it were not for our community. They are your comments and your support that have helped shape the game over the years.

The feedback of players is difficult. Some are positive, other negative, and many are contradictory. A group wants things in one way, another wants them in the opposite way. That makes most times difficult to delimit the central theme that is being discussed. As a developer, it is extremely important to take a step back and really listen. People in general do not complain about anything unless you passionate and want it better. Once you realize that, it makes the feedback cycle a little easier to handle.

It is also important that you use everything that is available to make your decisions. The comments of the players alone are not enough. It needs internal data collected from analyzes and its own personal experiences during the game, in addition to the comments of the players, to make significant improvements in the designs and the game in general.

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about the transmission of your own game

In addition, I know that it has begun to convey its own game on a regular basis. Do you think that is a valuable point of participation that should do more people in your position, or it s just something you ve enjoyed?

I have always interacted with the community to a certain extent over the years, whether in forums, social networks or stalking in Streamers chats. My transmission has taken that level of interaction in a completely new direction, and I have enjoyed it very much. People can enter the chat, see what really game (panting, a developer who plays their own game) and see that there is a real person at the other end of the keyboard that loves the game as much as they do.

The transmission is difficult… as really difficult. You are constantly juggling with things: you have to concentrate on the chat and interact while you play a game that requires a lot of attention. As a developer, I discovered that it is even more difficult because you have the additional pressure to represent a whole team of people, not just yourself. There is a delicate balance between what can be and can not talk, something that is not easy to do. I have learned a lot in recent months and I have a new respect for all the streamers there; Many of them make it look easy and it is not.

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in personal favorites

When you play personally Eld Scrolls online, what is it that attracts you the most?

I am a powerful player and I love optimization and equipment collection. My favorite content in the game is Maelstrom Arena, since I love competing against myself: pursue ranking times and find new ways to improve my search to beat my best scores.

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about changes and recent additions

Similarly, what is the most exciting thing for you of the content added to the title during the last year?

Things for which I am most excited this year, actually, is not the content. The content is, of course, incredible, the story of Mehrunes this year has been one of my favorites. However, as a player, what excites me the most are the improvements in the quality of life we ​​have made throughout the year: the representation of multiple threads to improve the speed of frames, the Armory system to manage compilations and, Of course, the among the best things we have done, are among the best things we have done in the Drop RNG of set of selected elements to help you collect equipment a little more reliable. I can not wait for the Armery and RNG systems to be activated with the Deadlands DLC.


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