Back 4 Blood 4 basic tips to devastate all living dead

Back 4 Blood has finally come to our consoles and PC with an immense amount of zombies prepared to be destroyed based on shotgun and hacks. Although most players who are going to buy this delivery for being the spiritual sequel of Left 4 Dead, there will be many others who will not have much idea of ​​how this game will be. That is why we bring you, both for veterans and new ones, some tips for the first games of B4B these days.

Each choice before starting completely changes your departure

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One of the big bass that has this game is the incredible rejugability that has thanks to the 8 characters and the innumerable letters and combinations that can be done with it. Our departure will be different if we choose Holly that if we choose Angelo, since one will be more tank and another much more agile. In turn, there are different Barajas and decks that come us better to use assault rifles or shotguns, even with sniper rifles. The best thing is that you choose the most comfortable and above all you enjoy killing and dismembering living dead.

a player mode, an option to test all combinations

Although it seems strange, playing in a player is quite recommendable to know a little more the game. The main reason is because all the existing cards of the game are unlocked, so you can experience and form decks with which you can make quite affordable synergies or just laugh to use it in surprise in cooperative mode with your friends. In turn, the bots do not make an appearance but they know what they have to do and take a hand when necessary. You can also try all the gambling weapons, which although you can use them in the shooting field, it is not the same against a doll that against a horde of crazy zombies.

The strategy is vital to get out alive

Unlike Left 4 Dead, this is not just hitting shots crazy, but in many moments you should draw a plan so that you do not suffer in excess of some areas. For example, there are some monsters call a horde if you hurt you so you will have to go silent, or doors with emergency alarms where we will have to use a ganze to attract the worst of the worst. The surroundings is also your friend, and you can use barrels or oxygen pumps to cause chaos and destruction to emerge ilasos of hordes of hundreds of descerebrates.

Take advantage of the cooperative to the maximum with friends

Finally, but the most important: Enjoy the maximum of the cooperative with friends, since you will spend hours and hours riddling infinity of hordes and monsters. There is no better way to play than with a complete squad in which you all know what plan to use, and if we feel like, annoy any that again attracting zombies to our area. Even if a lot of advice is missing, you can discover them for yourselves as you advancing in history and your range of possibilities increase considerably.

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