Zoff in Paris Messi at PSG Isolated

Seven mandatory games, three goals: What kind of footballers would probably apply as a solid yield, certainly not satisfies the claims of a Lionel Messi. The youngest appearance of the Argentine in the jersey of Paris Saint-Germain lets a French striker legend doubt that Messi has already found its place at PSG.

He is isolated, he has barely ball touches, quoting RMC Henry the former French international Thierry Henry. I would not say that he is sad, but he s outside, continues the record scorer of the Équipe.

I REPLAYED the Career of LIONEL MESSI... ????

The reason for this, Henry also sees that Coach Mauricio Pochettino does not use his compatriot not in the storm center. Mostly the coach Messi sends into the race as the right outside, the 33-year-old acts behind the storm tip twice. The latter position is reserved at PSG Kylian Mbappé.

I prefer Messi in the center, says Henry s opinion. He can give the game his rhythm . Even though the data would be missing to state his adoption statistically, he does not believe that Messi s influence over the right wing is similar. Alone, because the ball often often at his foot.

At the moment the team is designed to Kylian Mbappé

The numbers from Messis Glorious Time at the FC Barcelona underpin Henry s guesses at least. Although Messi ran there on the variety of his games as right outside and scored in 423 playing also impressive 317 goals, but he has increasingly conquered the place in the Sturmzentrum, with at least his goal ratio (286 inserts / 298 goals).

At the moment the team is laid on Kylian Mbappé. It s Kylian, who can shine in it, the ball runs over him, says Henry. Basically, there could be only a stripping puller in a team, while PSG, however, there are too many major actors.

Pochettino necessarily have to find a way to brilliantly brilliant his superstars Messi, Mbappé and Neymar, concludes Henry.

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