Kena Bridge of Spirits has already recovered its development costs

According to the founders of EMBER LAB , KENA: Bridge of Spirit has already recovered its development costs: It is difficult to say what a great success, Josh Grier told Bloomberg, Sony is happy. ». Although they have not shared the exact number of copies sold, the GRIER brothers have confirmed that Kena s excellent performance will allow the study to continue developing video games. We are not going to make announcements again, they say, specifying that although they are still not clear what their next project will be, it will be a narrative adventure in Kena s style.

In addition to confirming the future of the study, Mark and Josh Grier have shared with Bloomberg some details of the development of his debut title: The team presented early versions of Kena in several conferences, getting attracting the interest of several large publishers until they closed a deal With Sony for financing and help with marketing ». Despite coming from the world of advertising and animated short films, Ember Lab team managed to stand out his game at a showcase of the company issued in June 2020, which managed to attract the attention of criticism and the public : «I think [that attention] helped us position ourselves on the first line in terms of games that they had to underline and show as much as they could.

Launched on September 21, this game of puzzles and adventures has managed to recover costs in something less than a month. In the analysis of him, my partner Pep Sànchez highlighted the beauty of his graphic section and the multiple references to the Universe of Studio Ghibli.

It is certainly possible that in Ember Lab they do not go very well from ideas. However, it is clear that there is a good hand and that the priority here was to ensure the play: the proven efficiency formulas are well brought well with the embonic graphics. What Kena offers: Bridge of Spirits is, in several ways, the shortest and most direct path to that video presentation. Through the journey is lost some freshness, but the trip, with or without nostalgia, is tremendously comforting.

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