The hallucinating recreation of Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter created entirely in PS4 Dreams

It was clear that Dreams did not stop surprising us, but this adds a chapter anymore. The game of Media Molecule for PS4 receives this creation as immersive experience of the Hogwarts Castle .

The Jedimaster369 user presented in August through the official website of Dreams a place recreation project in which magic is studied.

But it has not been until recently when it has been updated (last October 14) and shared via Twitter with a video where it shows everything can be explored .

Hogwarts Made in Dreams on PS4 (by jedimaster369) madeindreams DreamSPS4 ps4 playstation harrypotter

  • Drjones20 (@ Jones20dr) October 23, 2021

Goodenvenues and welcome, magicians and witches! Explore all Hogwarts in this gigantic dream, he said the description of the project; Not without first mentioning that is still a creation in process .

I will add much more scenes that I created, but I tried to do many more rooms before publishing it, so you can explore much more.

In the analyzes of creation some users are undone for this work, but one in particular affirms: The best game of Harry Potter. WB needs to have Jedimaster Ya .

While in the comments are many praise their work and others leave certain and future suggestions, such as that there is a flying car or magical creature care classes .

If you are interested, you can download and play it in your own dreams while jedimaster369 continues to work in the creative process for, perhaps perhaps add a boxer willow ?

At the moment, and as you can see in the screenshots of the Hogwarts Castle in Dreams , it does not lack anything at all at the moment.

It is totally exploreable, has all the common rooms of the houses , you have the classes to learn magic, track of quidditch and a lot, much more.

Do you mean that soon you can play fully operational and with many more things ? That, unfortunately, we do not know because Any recreation in Dreams has a lot of effort .

But what we do know is that at least many rooms are visible, and some of them like kind of divination and the Hufflepuf common room are compatible with VR devices.

Has the worm to visit the creation in Dreams ? Certainly, it is a perfect time, since it is the 20th anniversary since the premiere of Harry Potter and the Philosopher s Stone.

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The film will be rerestrained in cinemas to commemorate it, but you can not do it in PS4 . You could also make a stop at the largest Harry Potter store in the world.

What do you think of the Hogwarts Castle recreated in Dreams for PS4 ?

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