Hanbit Soft Granado Estada New Character Gil Tee Released

Hanbit Soft (Representative Lee Seung-hyun) updated a new character Girna on the PC MMORPG Granada Espada, which was developed by IMC Games on the 22nd.

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Then, the Gil Tee was released last month, followed by the other PC Online MMORPG, which was developed by the IMC Games, and also joined the Espaida Worldview through the Tree of Sey Biov and Collaboration.

The Giltey is a powerful character that appears as a goddess of the Asmodians in Tree of Seyca.

In the Granado Espada Worldview, Gilton is the goddess of the Asmodians, and she has a setting that she has passed to the new country of Granado Espada through the abyss just before being sealed in the another world .

Her abilities are very high and compliant with stamina, technology, and senses. She uses a special bracelet, her armor uses a robe.

She can use a job skill that absorbs the peripheral souls to attack with the power of the soul absorbed by a huge sickle, absorbing the surrounding souls, and the vocational skills that charge the surrounding souls.

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