Joey City New Character on 3on3 Freestyle Noah Update

Joey City (Representative Choongwon) said it was updated a new character Noah in online basketball game 3on3 freestyle.

Noah has the ability to check and break defenders through the psychological warfare with a special character specialized in the dribble.

I added three new skills with Noah update. First, Bitwin Dougor Crossover is a skill that tries to break through the bridge without the risk of steel for a certain period of time. The nutmac is a skill that can be exceeded when the other party uses steel and blocks to pass through the ball between the legs of the other party.

Finally, when the backdrop is in the opposite direction and the opponent, the defender occurs when the defender is rather stored in accordance with the prosperity of Noah, when the defender is reasons, rather than the prosperity of Noah.

Various events are held commemoratively commemorating this update. If you foster a new character Noah, you can get additional compensation from the spectrum event. In addition, a zombie mode arcade event will be held in the Halloween season.

In addition, various improvements patched. The compensation of the new user s dedicated attendance board is reorganized and provides a swimsuit of marine theme at continuous attendance. In the case of training mission, visibility has been improved. In addition, various fostering essential items are added as compensation, and additional compensation can be obtained with cumulative clear compensation.

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