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The referee tip of the DFB has drawn a positive intermediate conclusion with a view to the video proof use in the current Bundesliga season. According to the numbers presented by project manager Jochen Drees, 27 of the 28 interventions were correct by the video referee at the first seven matchdays.

However, Drees cried on Wednesday that was not cut twice where it would have been necessary. Due to the video proof, ill disorders have been prevented according to Drees 26. On average, the review of a scene takes only 69 seconds, in the past season it was still 81 seconds.

Referee Chief Lutz Michael Fröhlich also evaluates positively that there is a trend to restraint to the referees. Many games are managed so that more intense and body-concrete football is possible, happily said, It s not always possible – but if, then it is practiced that there is a whistle less than too much. This is more Game flow enabled. Nevertheless, a clear fact remains a clear facts.

Basic Principles of Game Design
By returning the fans into the arenas, the impartial language must also be happy again on a new situation. Through the spectators in the stadiums, the games are again emotional, cheerfully said: The active demand of respect through the referees should stay.

According to happily, the simplified rules on the hand game comes well with the professionals and those responsible. With the new design, all have fewer problems than with the old ones, said the Berliner: Of course, those involved wish that all remain uniform in the interpretation.

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To minimize the hand game discussions, a simplified rules apply since this season. Decisive for a penalty whistle is then primarily a so-called unnatural posture. As unnatural only applies if the hand game does not fit the natural body movement of the player.

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