That says the creator of ESO to the success of New World and what it means for his MMORPG

The new MMO New World has great success on Steam that has also noticed the makers of other online games, such as the Creative Director ofelde Scrolls online. Rich Lambert, however, finds that the success of New World is quite good, both for players and his game.

is so successful New World:

On September 28, New World appeared and rose in 1st 1st of the Steamcharts, extruding even short Counter-Strike: Global offensive.
In the top, New World had over 913,000 players at the same time (via
The onslaught on New World was so great that huge queues the players partially bound for hours.
Meanwhile, New World has struggling with some problems, but it is involved.

In an interview with Washington Post, the Creative Director of Eso, Rich Lambert, talked about his own game and the success of New World. He also explained what a good MMO explains at all.

Competition is good for the consumer

That says the maker of ESO: Actually, it was talking about the upcoming ESO extension of Deadlands. However, Lambert also came to talking about the new MMO New World and its success. On the question of what he holds about, Lambert replied:

First of all: competition is good. Healthy. Good for the consumer. The second, in which you no longer feel, prove you and improve your product is the second, from which it goes downhill.

That s why I think that [New World s success] is great and we need more successful games in the genre to get the trust of the players. To avoid everything a little, let the creative juices flow and all this.

How are ESO and other MMORPGs better? Lambert explains that the success of a MMOS depends on the community to give what she wants. A look at a strong competitor can give insight into what is just well received.

Talking, for example, are Final Fantasy XIV, which recently received a momentum of new players. Lambert says: They generally make a lot right. You know which game you want to be. They also welcome you. And the fans who want to have such a game know where to get it.

MeinMo editor Gerd Schuhmann explains in his column why the success of New World should be an incentive for other MMOs:

The key is to understand the community

What makes a good MMO out? So that a MMO becomes good, the developer teams would have to understand their community and give them what they want. That makes a good game. This and show that you are constantly working to improve everything.

For ESO, this is about to work more on the story. According to Lambert, the players are currently most on – or at least that s the assessment of the team. Therefore, two of the 4 annual updates focus on the history of ESO.

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Also New World seems to be on a good way here. Here is the need to play with friends or an already known group together. That was hardly possible because of the full servers to release and many groups fibed.

Now developer Amazon brings free server transfers, with which players can come together again. These transfers should be allowed to buy later – or even be free of charge, should be the need.

How is ITO and New World Next? New World is currently working to improve the problems of the release and fix errors. Some players have already reached the maximum level, but most are likely to be there on the way.

Subsequently, some endgame activities are available at which Amazon will probably be reorganized next.

ESO, on the other hand, is working on the final of the current extension. With Deadlands the story is to be terminated by the death of Oblivion – and fans meet again on the great evil Mehrunes Dagon, which they put in his own kingdom this time. In our hub on Meinmmo you will find all the information:

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