Devs Sisters Cookie Run Kingdom US Market Teaser Advertising

Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jong-il) is a mobile RPG Cookie Run developed by the 5th Studio Developing Studio Devs Sisatz Kingdom (Joint Representative Cho Kyung Hyun, Lee Eunji).

The teaser advertisement on the last day (local time) was made in the Cookie Run s worldview and the witch s oven s oven, and the cubes that were escaped from the witch s oven.

Devs Sisters is a strategy to expand intense and fast developments such as an animated movie, and it is a strategy to focus on the attention of a cartoon preferred group and gamer. Teaser advertising is nationwide through the US Max TV Animation Channel and the online video service (OTT) of the broadcasting company.

Various teaser images and users participate in the campaign pre-promotion period also showed a variety of teaser images and users participating in this campaign.

From the beginning of September, we disclosed the contents such as a quiz series that matches the voice of the voice of the voice, the voice of the voice of the voice, the voice of the voice, the voice of the voice of the voice,

From October 8 to this campaign, we will expand our marketing activities all over the marketing activities through Main TV ads and influer collaborations, brand collaboration, and SNS channels, vials, fan communication, and major subway outdoor advertisements.

Devs Sisters plans to pay for the United States for national interest and sales performance based on the overseas market capturing the overseas market.

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