1M84 is a niche Warcraft that has a moment to start with beta

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New World, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls online … Or maybe for a change, you would mention any of the niche Warcraft, which puts only the first steps in our genre? Somebody is 1M84 (very original name for the game) > 1M84 is the upcoming MMO RPG game. With many functions in the game and countless things to do. From performing quests to building your own factions and interacting with other players. This multiplayer game is ideal for a relaxing fun. The premiere is scheduled only for 2022, but this month ( Sometime in October ) I start the first beta tests. If you are eager, here you can report your participation. https: //store.steampowed.com/app/1519920/1m84/ 1M84 does not look like tragically … but not too well. However, we must take into account the zero budget of the game and the fact that the production team counts only a few people.

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