Heroes 3 public first development log movie in depth analysis COH

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The legendary strategy Yari Mountain series Heroes 3 (Company of Heroes 3) is strongly returned. To the uncomfortable Mediterranean challenge, experienced a bloody battle scene.

This battlefield will move to the strong wind invading the Yari Mountain area, North African harsh desert terrain, as well as the coastal scenery. It is built by RELIC s immediate strategy engine Essence Engine 5. In Dynamic Campaign Map, players can direct the North Airlines three armies, establish a replenish line, and lead the Allies to fight against the shaft country troops stationed in the trench, and seize the Peninsula. Players choose not only affect short-term combat, and will affect long-term war results.

Heroes 3 will land in the PC platform in 2022. Before the Yari Mountain is officially released, relic entertainment hopes to listen to the player through the Coh-Development platform. In the first movie in the development log series, the audience can deeply understand the Coh-Development development process of relic, and how the team sets the pipeline of the player.

The film contains the developer s personal sharing, as well as many of the first public Yari Mountain screen, conceptual diagrams, and development.

Players can still register to join the Coh-Development platform. Register is completely free, but join the next to the post-names of the Yari Mountain production process, but also play some Yari Mountain content, but also provide advice and feedback for development work.

At present, sega is holding a new fan sale, until Heroes full discount, interested readers can be steam page steam page view related content.

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