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In the SubReddit of Final Fantasy XIV, the users are hotly discussing the problem of stalking in MMORPG. Many want to improve the block options in the online role-playing game, so as to get more protection – just before ex-partners.

It s about it: On Reddit a few days ago a heated discussion about the Stalking in Final Fantasy XIV has broken out. The User Ittracer published a post (via reddit) that the social features of the popular MMORPG can not protect his players from Stalking.

The thread is not the first of its kind, but has now received more than 5,500 upvotes and more than 1,400 comments much more attention than most previous complaints (via reddit).

ItTracer counts in how problematic the stalking can be in FFXIV and how little the players are protected by functions like Blacklist before. He also asks that the FFXIV team does something against the problem and provides players more opportunities for blocking and managing their privacy in the game.

Social features facilitate the persecution of players

Why is the stalking in FFXIV so easy? The main reason is on the social features of the MMORPG, which work on one side.

If you have stressed with a friend so extremely that the friendship is completely in the breaks, you can first remove this person in the game from the friends list. But that happens only on your side, because as long as the person does not do the same, you will continue to stay on your friends list. That is, it is visible to you when you are online and where your character is currently located.

A bigger problem has the players who were divorce after a dispute from their spouses in FFXIV. If you marry in the game, both partners get rings that allow you free teleport to the other person.

Although one can give the ring to an NPC and thus divorce , but the ring of the partner will continue to work and the person can continue to telepore them. The teleport is done even if the person was blocked over the blacklist (via reddit).

Block function in Final Fantasy XIV is too permeable

This works that block: Of course, there is also a blacklist in FFXIV. It ensures that you can no longer receive news from the blocked person, whether private or in the public chat. You can not join your group search if you are the group channel.

However, it is still possible to land with the blocked person about content search in the same dungeon or RAID struggle. Blocked persons are not prevented from entering your house when it is open to all players.

The block also refers to a character and not on the entire account. This means that a stalker could theoretically create an infinite amount of characters in order to send new messages again and again.

The character you want to block must be online for it to work. Offline characters can not be blocked.

This is how Lodestone: Another element that facilitates stalking in FFXIV is the official site Lodestone. In the local database, each individual created character is detected in FFXIV and provided with a one-time ID. So if someone decides to change the server or change his character name, you can still find this player about Lodestone if you know his character ID.

It does not matter to which server or data center the person flees, it is visibly displayed on Lodestone. One can only hide a handful of information:

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Stalker Report at Support

That has been done so far: In fact, the problem of Stalking is not completely new in FFXIV. In the official forums of the game, on Reddit and Social Media, posts regularly dive for years on the subject. However, you will never get as much attention as the current reddit post from ItTracer (via reddit). Often the thread creators do not know how to deal with the stalking situation.

In most cases, they are advised to report their pursuers with the Game Masts, which first seems to be a meaningful approach. In 2019, Square Enix took a number of new additions to their rules of conduct. The focus was specifically on harassment and also stalking.

How high the chances of success of such a message are and the stalking actually stops, however, can not be said. In some cases, players also write that the messages have not brought about support, as in this incident in October 2020:

My girlfriend and Ingame woman is designed by a guy. This goes back to an incident in the FC, whereupon my girlfriend has kicked him. Since then he follows her everywhere. We talked to him and asked to go, we blocked him and ignored him and have reported him several times (even others from the FC, sure to the 50 reports in total). Nevertheless, it does not stop.

User Lord kaese in the official forums

Yesterday we finally got an answer from a GM, which basically said, He breaks no rules. You did the right thing to turn to us. Have a nice day . She has even gone to the police who have agreed that it is a clear case of Stalking. But it must be regulated by Square.

Reddit User Nate ranney about a year ago

Normally, the Game Master of FFXIV is no fun when it comes to harassment. For example, the mention of parsans or the probedes of other players are detrimental because of their DPS in a message.

However, since the stalking cases continue to be applied, it seems to give gaps and loopholes that can be exploited.

These suggestions for improvement are available: In the reddit thread, players discuss how to improve the current block system of FFXIV. Be called for example:

Account wide block list
Private mode for the Lodestone account, which hides all the information
Two-sided removal of the players from their respective friends lists
Double deactivation of teleport function of wedding rings
Exclusion of a blocked person out of the house when it is open for other players
One way to completely invisible the blocked characters
Blocked person can no longer be mated in the same content

If some of the proposals such as invisibility are likely to be technically difficult to implement, the revision of the block options sounds rather feasible.

What do you think of the situation? Have you ever fallen victim to the Stalking or do you know someone? How do you find the current block options of FFXIV and what would you change? Write us in the comments.

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