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Amazon has actually been slammed for practices including technical security overreach, a hyper-competitive and requiring work society, tax evasion, and also anti-competitive habits.

We give you an overview of all the core elements of New World and also throw a look into the future.

The doors in a new world are revolved, in the truest sense of the word. Amazon released tomorrow after a long wait for his MMORPG New World. The Group wants to forget the Schmach, whom he has suffered with the flopped and a few months after release again the Moba Shooter Crucible. To really do everything that New World will not be such a disaster, the developer team left a lot of time. After the first beta last year, there was so much criticism of the game that the publication was postponed from 2020 to 2021 – initially on May, then August and the second closed beta just on the next September 28th.

What was originally planned as a pure PVP and Survival MMO, today has many more theme park elements in the form of numerous quests and dungeons. But his roots remain loyal to New World in a certain extent. The game will therefore not be for everyone. If you now ask you if you hear a look or rather to play something else, we will help you out. In this article we go to the basics of the game, on its peculiarities and at the end an assessment off whether New World can last permanently on the mark or not.

What is it in New World?

New World has a very unused setting. It plays in an alternative variant of the 17th century – alternatively because it was no magic 300 to 400 years ago (at least there is nothing in history books). The action is about the fact that humanity has discovered a mysterious island named Aeternum in the Atlantic, on which there is a material called Azoth. This has the practical characteristic of granting people eternal life. The thing has only one hook: when it runs bad, it turns into a kind of zombie. And so many of the so-called spoiled through the world of New World hike and make life difficult for you.

You are an adventurer who is on board a ship on the way to Aeternum at the beginning of the game. But it comes to a havaria and the boat goes under. She wakes up to a beach and welcomes directly from the corrupt. Against such a bite reception committee only helps a sharp blade and fortunately you can also find your first sword directly. After a short tutorial that explains the basics of control, the typical MMO everyday life begins with many quests, the leaks of monsters, the collection of resources and experience points and the cited and better equipment.

It leads you a main story through the open world, which is completely without loading times. But do not expect sophisticated and varied quests, as you have to offer a The Elder Scrolls online. Although the quests are completely deducted, at least what the main missions are concerned, but the tasks do not deviate from the MMO standard. Here s a few monsters around, as they collect a few items – much more has not offered New World in terms of quest design, as the betas have demonstrated well.

How does the character system work?

There are no classes in New World. For an online role-playing game is something special. Let s just think of the big genre representatives: World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, The Elder Scrolls Online – They all have a very classic class offer. This is missing in New World. Here you make your class so to speak yourself, but then do not be set to the ones.

The character system is divided into two parts, both components being closely connected. On the one hand, the five basic attributes of your character would be: starch, skill, intelligence, concentration and constitution. Each level increase receives points with which you increase the values. Additionally, equipment to increase your attributes, as in other role-playing games. Every property benefits every 50 points of passive bonuses. A starch value of 50 approximately increases the damage of your slight melee attacks by five and your ore degradation speed by ten percent, while 50 concentration increases the mana regeneration rate and the tension of the fishing line at fishing by ten percent. Which attributes you should focus on, depends on which weapons you want to play. In New World you can wear two killing tools and switch them to the touch of a button between them, including in the middle of the fight. The release will give the following eleven weapon types:

Handed weapons | Two handguns | Ranged weapons | magic weapons
— | — | — | —
Sword and Shield | Speer | sheet | Firestaff
Rapier | ax | musket | life-staff
Beil | Warhammer | | Frost Glove

Each weapon in New World has two own talent trees and Levelt if you to use them in battle. Similar to The Elder Scrolls Online you will so as better at handling the sword, if you handled much with it. The maximum level for each type of weapon is 20. Accordingly, the skill trees, which contain both active and passive skills, relatively manageable. Enough depth and especially opportunities there anyway. It is therefore not only to the various types of weapons that are very different from each other. Player A can very different act as Player B because both have invested in entirely different skills their skill points, for example, with the ax.

How much damage you cause with a weapon, depends not only on how well an object is, but also on your attribute values. Each weapon scaled with at least one character trait, some even with a second (but less). Will you, for example, with the spear be effective, you have to focus yourself on skill. But as he scaled with strength, would be suitable as a second weapon about the ax, which has the advantage that it can also throw. Or you focus completely on skill and you arm yourselves still pending with the bow, musket or the Rapier.

The nice thing about New World: You can try anything once and bring all the weapons to their maximum level with a character. The attribute points can be reset at any time and redistribute. In the first hour is even free of charge, at a higher level you have to pay for Azoth.

As the fighting make?

Not only that character system makes New World into something special in the MMORPG genre, but also the fighting. Instead of old-Tab-targeting, as we know from WoW (click opponents or Tab key to aim and then press number keys for skills, while your character automatically performs basic attacks), there is plenty of action.

You must actively aim and strike or shoot, similar to the games of Piranha Bytes (Gothic, Elex). Well this is no different in The Elder Scrolls Online or Tera, but New World but differs significantly from the two competitors. Here are your opponents different target areas, like in a shooter. Hits to the head cause more harm than the upper body. For the bow there is a skill that ensures that leg hit long slow the target two seconds by ten percent. In ESO and Tera you have only roughly at an enemy target and how much damage it distributes depends purely on your own and its values. The combat system of New World is more like that of an action game than other MMOs.

Is crafting important?

Crafting plays a very important role in New World indeed. There are a total of 17 relevant skills that you like in the case of weapons increased accurately by their making use of them. They are divided into the three areas of collecting , refining and manufacture on:

collect | finishing | Produce
— | — | —
logging | melting | Weaponsmithing
mining | Woodworking | Armorsmithing
Fishing | Leatherworking | engineering
Harvesting | weaving | Juwelenschleiferei
Tracking and skins | Stone carving | Arkana
| | culinary arts
| | joinery

New World you can really a lot of resources in the world and collect, produce from food potions, weapons and armor. The higher the skill, the more options open to you. But even at a low level crafting is extremely useful. Where in other MMOs professions felt at an advanced gameplay really useful are, you can in New World very early example, weapons manufacture, which are really good and not merely serve to increase the relevant crafting skill and your wallet a little to fill. Here can tell the game to specify that it should even walk toward Survival originally.

What s the deal with the political groups about?

New World is a PvP-heavy MMO. The really necessarily mean that there will be groups must and is as follows: Three of you to choose from. but you do not decide for character creation, who swears her loyalty, but only 10 are at level choices are:

The Marauders : They are the prey under the three groupings that fight on Aeternum around the supremacy. Based on pirates, they want one thing above all: freedom for everyone. At the same time, the right of stronger plays an important role in their ideology.
The syndicate: This faction is rather in the shade and consists of intellectuals, which goes to know.
The Alliance: You can make friends with it for religious fanatics? Then the alliance is a good option.

The choice of your group is not finally. Every 120 days you may change the party. There are no playful differences between the groupings. For whom you are fighting, on the one hand is a question of your personal taste in relation to the background of the factions and on the other hand it plays a role as to whether you play with friends and who want to join.

What role do the cities play?

In New World, the three factions argue about control of the individual regions and thus their cities or outposts (right settlements are not available in the northernmost areas). Well, although it is not that you are not welcome in a city that is dominated by another faction, but you have to pay about higher taxes in trade and crafting there.

Furthermore, the settlements have their own progression system. The leader of a company controlling a city can activate city projects. Then you can take special missions and thus contribute to the progress of such a project by procuring about certain materials. By urban projects, such as the craft companies are improved, so you can produce better items there.

However, cities are not only trading centers and serve as meeting places for players, they can also live in them. If you have reached Level 15 and the feature unlocked over a main quest, you may buy a house. Own constructions are not possible, but you can set up your home yourself. The furniture makes her own or buys her other players. Since there are fewer residential buildings in physical form than players who want to obtain one, their interior is always instantiated, so that infinite many people can live at the same address. The great here: There is a separate point system for the Housing. Other players always see the most beautiful decorated home, as long as they do not live in the same place.

How does the PVP work?

Factions and cities – this inevitably leads us to the PVP system of New World. As already mentioned, this is the focus and also forms the lion s share of the end games (at least for release). But you do not have to reach Level 60 in order to take each other s mind with other players. Theoretically, you can already come from Level 10, so as soon as you have joined a faction, in power struggle on Aeternum. The game does not force you: the button is activated and deactivates the PVP mode. If you did not turn it on, you can not bend you a player of an opposing party.

The PVP in New World has long just consists of spontaneous skirmishers. The highlight are the big 50-to-50 siege battles, which is fought for control over a city and thus the corresponding region. But that s not a spontaneous event. So that fraction a faction B can make a settlement in dispute, it must first weaken it. To do this, the players of fraction A PVP missions meet. If you accept such a one, your PVP status is automatically activated.

If the opponent is sufficiently weakened, you can explain to him the war. The game then sets day and time for the battle and you can sign up for you. With a little luck you are one of 50 people who perform the attack on the opposing city. At the battle, Ballists and cannons are used, so that a real spectacle on the screen offers you. Did you conquer an area, you benefit from discounts on the speed travel costs, the taxes and buying houses as well as other advantages such as bonuses for resource picking.

In addition to the large siase there are also struggles around the forts in the individual areas. Here you can connate spontaneously with other players and conquer enemy camps. And are your level 60, you are still open to the instantiated mode Oberpostensannsturm . Here, 40 players fight for control of the namesome outposts, which works similarly like the rule mode in Call of Duty: the more control points you think you grow faster your score grows.

What is there about PVE content?

What if you do not feel like PvP? Well, then you should first ask you the question of whether New World is the right game for you. However, it would be lied if we were writing, there are hardly any PVE content. On the one hand, you just have the numerous quests that accompany you to the maximum level 60. On the other hand, there are the dungeons that are called expeditions in New World. With five people you dared into this gloomy vault and take it up there with bosses.

RAIDs are not announced so far. For this there are PVE events in the Open World, where the corrupted part of the country, now yes, spoil. The mechanics is approximately comparable to the dark anchors from The Elder Scrolls online or the RIFT from the no longer particularly popular RIFT. Here, therefore, players can meet, which are not in one group, and take the threat together.

What about the monetization?

New World sets a buy-to-play model. So you buy the game for just under 40 euros in the standard version or for 50 euros as a deluxe edition with some in-game extras, such as a special arms design and a danger as a pet for your virtual home. There is no subscription system, but an in-game shop. In this, but at least for the time being only pure cosmetic items. Amazon Games had presented the shop in May and betrayed that they would not offer anything else in it at the earliest 2022. But pay-to-win content will never give it, the team think only about implementing Boosts, thanks to their faster. But even for this, Amazon harvested a lot of criticism. It is therefore not clear whether such Time Saver -items, how to say new German, to hold in New World earlier or later. However, we would not exclude it.

What are the future prospects?

Where we are already there to take a look into the future: New World has a lot of potential without any doubt. It will not be a MMO to the release that everyone pleases everyone pleases. But with his character, combat and PVP system, it offers features that are unique in the online role-playing range in the combination. But how will it continue according to release? There is a risk that the endgame fails to lean for the time being.

Amazon Games has already confirmed that new content will come over time. What will be free of charge and what does not, but is still uncertain. However, the manufacturer would advise in devil s kitchen if it would offer new weapon types as paid DLCs. One already announced with the empty shoe. When to come, is still unknown. Likewise, players in the beta have already discovered a desert area that in the version still looked like a placeholder and that was certainly too. That the game world will grow over time, but is out of question or has been officially confirmed. And who knows, maybe Amazon Games already think about features that the fans already wish for RAIDS and mounts.

If the developers properly hew the first content updates after the release, New World may be a success in the long term. Despite his shortcomings, we have already prepared us a lot of joy in the beta because it is also different things differently than the competition. New World is not Amazon s attempt to bring its own WOW to the market. It s something completely different. Perhaps there will never be such a big target group as the Blizzard Hit or a Final Fantasy 14. But it can consist in its own niche in the long term if the developers live and maintain it diligently.

Pre-order New World now!

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