Dev Sisters Cookie Run King US Apple App Store Game Sales 6th

Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jong) said on the 27th Mobile RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom said that the US Apple App Store game has been ranked 6th.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a towel in early September! The Holly Berry Kingdom of Passion update has entered the 100th in both games and sales rankings.

Devs Sisters explained that the local famous influenza was soaked with a voice actor, and a strategy to raise accessibility and topic for major targets. Devs Sisters has set the Gamer of RPG and Decoration Gamors as well as animation and comics preferred groups, voice, and infultery fan layers.

Cookie Run: Kingdom s US campaign will be held on October 8th. Based on overseas marketing and service know-how accumulated through Japan, Devs Sisters plans to expand its local awareness in the United States, and plans an electrothew in the United States.

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