300 days without a new content What s going on at Heroes of the Storm

A sad record Beheroes of the Storm. Hardly anything has been done for 300 days – without new heroes, the Moba is trapped in the content lull.

Indirect is Blizzard The founder of the Moba genres, after all, Defense of the Ancients was a modified map of Warcraft III. But then Blizzard could never benefit from creating this mode indirectly. The own attempt of a Mobas, Heroes of the Storm, came to the market only too late, did not reach the big players.

The success stayed out and immediately after the BlizzCon 2018 was then: the developer team shrinks, only a few employees take care of hots. You still have enough resources to develop something in all areas – but drastically less than before. A reliable electricity to content would no longer exist.

That s almost 3 years ago.

300 days without a new hero – is the oven now?

The last hero in Heroes of the Storm was the Gnoll Hogger from the Warcraft Universe. Know the player already since Vanilla times, because it was the first elite quest for many heroes of the Alliance. The Gnoll had demanded countless lives and was thus a perfect candidate for the Nexus, where he has been raging for over 9 months.

However, the date of Hogger s release also marks a sad negative record.

Exactly 300 days today (27.09.2021) have passed since the release of Hogger. For that long, there were no major new content in Heroes of the Storm, from a new hero to be silent.

What happens in hotots? The game is not yet dead yet, because every few weeks there is a small balance patch. Sometimes even talents are generously changed, so at least a few aspects of the game remain fresh and the balance between the heroes is still improved further.

Every now and then, fresh ideas come to light. For example, Blizzard has begun to build so-called Gambit talents. These are talents that grant an extremely strong bonus, but they continue to decrease with every death. Good, careful playing is rewarded here. Anyone who often bites the grass gives away a large part of the talent.

From time to time, there are also a few fresh skins in the game, although the crowd has removed so drastically here, like the publication of new heroes.

You can not tell Heroes of the Storm: The developer team is too small to deliver what the game was actually needed. More of all.

The distance between releases is growing: Basically, however, that s exactly what was feared by the players when Blizzard announced to dramatically reduce the team of Heroes of the Storm. The times between the releases of new heroes have become longer and longer. This becomes clear if you look at the releases of the last heroes and the temporal distance to each other simply:

Anduin – Qhira: 98 days
Qhira – Deathwing: 119 days
Deathwing – Mei: 203 days
Mei – Hogger: 161 days

Hogger was thus still comparatively early and thus gave hope for the remaining players that one could still expect 2 heroes a year.

Now, exactly 300 days later, the disillusionment is great. The more time progresses, the greater the dissatisfaction with the players, that hardly does something change and hot will finally die his death. In the worst case, it looks like Hots would not get hero in 2021 no more.

There are still heroes at all? Many also the question of whether Heroes of the Storm will bring new heroes in the future at all. There is no official statement, but the community has already found some clues.

If the rumors are right, then in the future Belial, Lord of Lies could move into the Nexus – this is a demon from the Diablo Iniver and one of the lower evils.

However, this is not yet confirmed.

What is your current Heroes of the Storm? Look regularly in Blizzards Moba? Or did you have sworn the back for a long time?

However, some things also like that little changes – Corthyn of Meinmmo loves the game, even because it stagnates.

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