NVIDIA presents DLAA an anti technology

Nvidia hLearning Super made official the compatibility of your RTX graphics with technology DLAA ( Deep Learning Anti-Alising ), a new anti-aliLearning Supering of deep learning that improves image quality of videogames .

After the well-known DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), which reconstructs an image in less resolution to offer it to a higher resolution without sacrificing performance, it is time to welcome another post-processing technique through use of graphic resources and with Artificial intelligence of automatic learning To eliminate those recurring Saw teeth from a multitude of works.

The result is, never better, evident; At the same time, therefore, it does not only cause the modeling contours or the drawn distance more refined, but it does not use GPU resources for this technology, thus relieving the stress peaks of the graphics card.

The Elder Scrolls Online, already compatible with DLAA; Zenimax celebrates the results

Broadly traits, DLAA uses the same cores tensioner that DLSS, which are integrated into the 20xx and 30xx series of NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. It is worth mentioning, however, that the Deep Learning Anti-Alising does not reconstruct the image quality by an increLearning Supere in resolution (DLSS) but takes advantage of this intelligence Artificial for gain extra image quality maintaining the native resolution of the same .

The Elder Scrolls Online - The Alliances Cinematic Trailer
The Elder Scrolls Online is the first game to take advantage of DLAA and is, since this month of September, compatible with this technique on RTX cards. In statements of Rich Lambert , creative director at Zenimax Online Studios, Nvidia Dlaa improves our game considerably , offering the best anti-aliLearning Supering results that have been seen to date at Elder Scrolls Online.

It is expected that, in the future, other titles are added to the list and thus offer an optimized general performance. Artificial intelligence through Deep Learning can become one of the optimal futures for many titles and, especially, lower power equipment.

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