The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2 22 Patch Notes

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Update 2.22 is there for The Elder Scrolls Online , and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch.

Developer Zenimax Online Studios has now published a new patch for the console versions. This includes both the PlayStation and the Xbox version of the game. Two days ago, a patch for PC and Mac computers was released.

If you play the game on PS4, version number 2.22 is. For those of you who play on PS5, it is the version number 01.001.001.

The maintenance work for the patch installation is currently running and will be completed in a few hours. The update should be rolled out today on the above-mentioned platforms.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.22 Patnotes

While the Patnotes have not yet been published for the console, update information for PC and Mac have already been published. You can read the PATNOTES for PC and Mac below.

Dungeons and group contents

Scare cellar
Incarnated magma
– The duration and frequency of lightning fire was reduced.
-Dedric outbreak is now only available if the challenge banner was placed.
Bastion of the red petals


Players dying at Rockslide Rush will not be counted as intended for success Stampede Shuffle.
The success Bastion Breaker now correctly states that it must be completed within 25 minutes.
The skill shaft has no chance to make goals twice in quick succession.
Eliam has no chance to stay in the fighting room when jumping into the battle room on a rocky projection.

Fight and skills
– It has been resolved a problem in which some train capabilities such as fiery handle or silver could lead to the fact that the context of the spot objective was interrupted, which led to situations where monsters would not respect the one who lastly mocked them.

Storm calls
Flashing: A faulty VO scream has been fixed, which occurred when using this ability and its changes.

Breakdown and item sets
PVP sources
Hrothgar s cold:
-This item set now causes 13% of the added physical and wizard resistance of the original target (previously 26%).
-This set now ignores the damage reduction for all destinations to ensure that it remains an effective set to punish tanks.
– There has been a problem that has not been influenced by the explosion damage of this set by combat spirit.

Alliance War and PVP
-All battleground queues are set so that they only offer DeathMatch game modes.

Art and Animation
– There has been a problem that had a low graphic quality on the character selection screen for the Battlefield Nightmare Senchervel.

– It has been fixed a problem in which the sound of the league notification continued to play if the setting for receiving these notifications is disabled.

Dungeons and group contents
-Sanctum Ophidia
– The damage and radius of the Gift Explosion ability that is triggered when players die while they are affected by gift propagation were reduced.

– It was resolved a problem that prevented the water visible from the pages of the Leyawiin fountain, round .


  • The probability of a crash was reduced if multithreaded rendering is enabled. The crash may have occurred in a variety of scenarios, including when attempting to change the size of the client window.
  • It has been fixed a rare crash that could occur when leaving a territory while a quest updates the position of waypoints.
  • It has been fixed a rare crash that could occur when another player watched during unsubscribe as he put his weapons.


-A crash, which could occur directly after the start, has been fixed.

The following information is from the official forums of the game. We will update this post if the console patch notes will finally be published. The Elder Scrolls Online is now available for PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox.

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