MIR4 is very popular and very began

Let s start with this positive information.

The popularity of MIR4 is growing all the time. In recent days, a record was recorded simultaneously logged in – 41,982, which was one of the best results on the steam among Massive Mutliplayer online games.

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Partially this is due to the fact that in the game it is possible to earn a cryptowalut, but partly – and here we come to this sad information – the merits of a huge amount of cheaters who want to use illegal programs to this way.

Daily Mir4 creators bunch for several, sometimes even a dozen thousand people. The total number of permanent banks from the moment of the premiere exceeded 75,000 !!!

The vast majority of such subjects (71k) was punished for using unauthorized programs or software, manipulation or manipulation of game data and intentional use of games systems for their own purposes. It does not give a very bad picture of the game and how the local servers look like.

Mir4 Global started at the end of August. While in Asia Gierek worked only on mobile devices, it was transformed into a PC steam information.

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