Crazy player in ESO collects 1 000 000 pieces of cheese is celebrated by fans for it

In The Elder Scrolls Online , a player has bought and hedged cheese for months. His goal: to accumulate a million of the stinking treats. Now he made it and is considered hero of the community. Read the whole story here on Meinmmo.

Who is it and what did he do? The Reddit User Pauliuspub has invested a lot of time and money in Eso to achieve an epic goal: accumulating and hoarding 1,000,000 pieces of cheese! His achievement he has proudly posted on Reddit, entitled It s finally done! I have just collected a million piece of cheese!

How long did that take and what did it cost? According to the user, the epic quest took him around the milk products 9 months of his life and over 10 million gold pieces. You can not do anything else.

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One million cheese – but why?

Why did he do that? When asked why at all Aedra and Daedra he collected so much cheese, the user replied only Lapidar: I honestly do not remember my original idea, but I thought it was certainly funny.

What the fans say? The thread on Reddit to the cheesy campaign has apparently met the Nerf of the ESO community, because there was already (as of September 20, 2021) over 1,800 upvotes and 153 comments. Most of them praise the endurance and determination of the competent cheese cremass and praise him for his heroic stat.

Some of the praise are as follows (Attention, follow cheese puns):

Weimseam: The hero, from which we never thought we would need it.
Aflarge You are the ejector!
Ralkan28: A true hero of Nirn. May the prophets, Aedra, Daedra and all other supernatural beings praise your name!
AKAGI AN: You are the cramps of the cheese crowners!
VelvetDelirium: You seriously spent 10 million for cheese? Wow, her, sir, are a true champion of sehogorath!

What has it with cheese and ESO actually on themselves? The last comment refers to a pronounced popular NPC in Eso (and the other Elder-Scrolls games), the wrong Daedra-God Shogorath. The house in a region of the Reich of forgetting, the trembling islands containing a place called the cheese crime corner .

For cheese is the God of Delusion a high enough enjoyment and his mistakes of tirades about the dairy product are legendary. Well possible, that the brave reddit user wanted to assure himself the favor of the wrong of God.

Similarly famous like Shogorath and in pretty much every game of the Elder Scrolls series can be found, by the way, this Launige NPC is: M aiq, the Liar. You can now invite you to your house.

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