Craftone Battle Ground New State Dictionary Reservoir exceeded 4 000 million

[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] Craftone (Representative Kim Chang) announced that the ‘Battleground: New State’ has exceeded 40 million sheep.

It is a company-side description of the secondary alpha test and achievement according to the secondary alpha test, and a performance according to the secondary alpha test, followed by the secondary alpha test. The secondary alpha test has been held in 28 countries, including Asia, Middle East, Turkey, and Egypt from August 27th.

This achievement is made up of the expectations of the world’s fans on the world’s fans on the world’s fans on the Battlegrounds: New State. We will do our best efforts to provide fun and stable service with all the power to complementary work.

Battle Ground: New State is a mobile battle royal game developed by Pub and Studios. We applied state-of-the-art rendering technology based on the sophisticated and realistic display of the battle ground and the independent content, as well as the technology of the pub and the technology of the pub in the Pub Studio.

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Currently, pre-reservation is being conducted in Google Play and Apple App Store, and the date of formal launch is scheduled to announce in October.

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