Supercat Escape Game Grande of the Grand Prize Episode 3 Update

Super Cat (Representative Kim Young) said that it has updated episode 3 on ‘Grandthrn’s mansion’.

This new episode is expected to be a clue to the ‘Grenish mansion’ worldview background and early story lines that many users were curious.

In the last story, I had an employee struggle to escape from the Nofah ‘Grandthills, awarded by the Doroto and children who are strangely in a strange house and a risky underground waterway and a researcher.

In episodes 3, a variety of places and exciting scenarios, including a secret laboratory, which is a story background, are added, and more difficult micic elements are added, resulting in more immersive play.

In particular, this story mode is not simple repetition, not a simple repetition, and according to the behavior and choice of users, a careful selection and strategy are required.

New Congress, new office for Rep. Young Kim

With this, the 15th day will update the hard mode of episode 3 that can experience the hardness of the diameter.

On the other hand, ‘Grande’ mansion ‘is a result of a steady interaction element and a content of various interactions and users as a user map that produced with a variety of interactions and users.

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