In MMORPG ESO finding blatant Heavy Metal all september

In The Elder Scrolls Online There is just a crossover action with the heavy-metal band trivium. You can participate in wounded Metal challenges all of September and even win prizes. What you have to do and how that expires, you will learn here on Meinmmo.

What is that for an event? From 7th to 27th September 2021, everything is in Eso on Heavy Metal! Because every three days there is a new community challenge that can do special Heavy Metal tasks. The whole action takes place in cooperation with the band trivium, which has already been announced during Quake CON 2021.

What is trivium? The metal band trivium comes from Florida and belongs to the genre of the Metalcore / Progressive Metal. Their texts are among other things of mythical events. On October 1, Trivium will also present a brand new and inspired by ESO music video. That’s because the Lead singer Matt Heavy is an enthusiastic gamer and Elder-Scrolls fan. That was the reason why cooperation with ESO came about.

If you want to listen to the tracks of trivium times, you have the opportunity here on Spotify:

Why is there a Heavy Metal Event right now? The current topic in the chapter Blackwood are dark demon resources from a hell-like dimension that bring death and spoil.

In addition, a grim red gigant named Mehrunes Dagon performs the enemy hordes and the whole presentation with red flames and black metal monoliths spray out a hearty heavy metal charm. Such a metal event suits thematically well.

ESO is looking for the Metal superhero – you can do everything

What is there for Challenges? As part of the large Heavy-Metal-Challenge there is a new challenge every three days. The different tasks are:

Builds a stage for a rock concert inspired by Oblivion (7 – 9th September)
Writes a song on Oblivion (10 – 12th September)
Attract your heroes in the game with the Montur system as Metal (13 – 15th September)
Introduces you an ultimate Heavy Metal Playlist, which fits ESO and Oblivion (16 – 18th September)
Finds and shows a monster in ESO, which is the most Metal (19 – 21st September)
Consider an ultimate metal band name with ESO or Oblivion reference (22 – 24th September)
Comments on the picture of Mehrunes Dagon on September 25 with the perfect caption! (25 – 7 September)

What is there at prices? You can then post the respective submissions on the topics in the official Twitter or Instagram account of ESO, do not forget the Hashtag esorockout.

Always at the end of a challenge three questions are selected and get one of four price options:

Playing ESO Skyrim in 2021 – (The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Markarth DLC)

A code for a pink or a green torchchäfer
1,500 crowns
A code for the ESO Standard Edition
A code for the update to ESO: Blackwood

What has already been sent? There are already some cool submissions on the ESO channels, including this cool concert stage:

But since the event is just started, certainly more cool submissions will certainly come, especially cool are likely to come over the lyrics or metal costumes. So it remains exciting, which the fans are still thinking out and how the cooperation with trivium possibly continues.

Is you still looking for a cool guest for your own Metal concert? Then this famous NPC invites as a home guest.

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