Gamesville Leaving Martial Arts RPG

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Gameville (Representative Tablet) announced on 10 days that the Global Publishing Agreement of the Release-based Martial Arts RPG ‘Moori Wiser’ was developed by Game Berry (Representative Limol). Molim, who was aware of the various adventures suffering from the TV, who watched the program that makes up the program of Moorim. This game features a fast growing in a battle that is automatically engaged in a neglected genre, and a dot graphic that emphasizes 2D based casual. I have been released in January this year through Google Play Meanwhile, Gameville has been introducing promising games from the first half of this year and combining global launch elements and introducing them to overseas markets. As a result, ‘Arkana Tactics: Ribbus’, ‘Rom’ was on the global market, and the global launch of the Strategy RPG ‘Eternal Sod’.

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