The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2 21 Patch Notes

Update 2.21 is there for The Elder Scrolls Online , and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch.

Developer Zenimax Online Studios has now published a new update for The Elder Scrolls Online. This update is available for the gaming console versions. For PS4 players, the patch number update 2.21 should be. If you play the game on PS5, the patch number 01.001,000 is.

The maintenance time for the console versions of the game still takes on. The servers are serviced from 8th September, 6:00 clock EDT (10:00 UTC) until 12:00 hours EDT (16:00 UTC). The patch should be rolled out today.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.21 Patnotes

While console patch notes have not yet been published, a new patch for PC and Mac versions of the game was published at the beginning of this week. You can view some of the changes listed below.

Art and animation

  • It has been fixed a problem in which the emote Wargame Sequuchet was not animated when she was in the fight.

Crowns & Kronenkists

  • An issue has been resolved, through which the purchase of the vampire skill maximizer from the Kronen-Shop has not increased the skill lines correctly.
  • A problem has been resolved, in which you have received an animation error under certain circumstances if you use a crows assistant.
  • It has been fixed a problem in which other players who were not in their group could use their crows assistants.

Exploration and breakdown

  • An issue has been resolved, through the rewards for the worthy mails sent to characters that had not yet reached levels 50 or higher, no objects from the new PVP sets included with Update 31 (Hrothgars Cold, epidemic break and dark convergence).


  • Furniture blocks now block interactions, so doors can be blocked again.


  • A freezing of the game has been fixed that could occur when two players shot at the same time with arrows.
  • It has been fixed a rare crash that could occur if the timing of some activities caused a mistake. B. disconnecting your network when loading into the character selection.

Info top of the official forums of the game. We will update this post as soon as console-specific patch notes will be released today. The Elder Scrolls Online is now available for the PC, Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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