If You re Having Issues with Elder Scrolls Online s Haven City Gates Do This

It resembles a few individuals are having issues with the Haven city gates in _ Elder Scrolls Online. _ Thankfully, it appears like Zenimax understand the problem.

It seems like this problem is taking place on the Live web servers. The problem it appears to be in engaging with the Haven city gates in Grahtwood. When you actually do utilize eviction, you’re teleported back to the exact same area from which you were trying to communicate with it.

As one user kept in mind,

Another customer noted they were able to enter Sanctuary, yet after that were stuck inside the city with probably no method to venture out as a result of the gateways. Thankfully, it appears Zenimax are aware of this issue.

Furthermore, they provided a workaround for the meantime while the group is having a look at it,

If you’re experiencing this concern, possibly this workaround will certainly ease a few of your irritations. Simply recently, the _ Elder Scrolls Online _ group shared over 667k brand-new heroes were produced throughout the Globe Plays ESO event this summer. Furthermore, the Elder Scrolls simply ended their Year One party just the other day.

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