Who needs Elder Scrolls 6 if it is Skyrim

Skyrim is now really one of the old iron. Actually, the classic can not keep Gameplay nor graphics technically with newer games. Unless you make the old house neatly with heap of misconceive mods. They shine the time-honored Open World spectacle in new splendor until it looks like a new game. This graphic quality has to get a new Elder Scrolls 6 first.

Elder Scrolls 6: That’s how it might look when Skyrim serves with mods as a scale

Skyrim is not dead to get: Skyrim not only seems constantly new for all imaginable platforms (now as an anniversary edition with new features), it is still hardworked. Especially of course on the PC and what the people from the game hit the game soothed so everything is hard to believe. This ensures that the now 10-year-old Open World Bluepaus can still look fresh.

The frame rate remains here on the track, but this forest simply looks good. At first glance, screenshots look like real photos and even before the most realistic games forest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance does not have to hide this extremely evident Skyrim. Here you will find a list of the mods used. But beware, your PC could rise in flames.

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Toppen the mustelder Scrolls 6 first. But we have more of it for you. The YouTube channel Digital Dreams is dedicated exclusively to pretty playing with as many mods as possible in resolutions up to 8k. Among other things, he has also made Skyrim several times and here you see the latest 4K video showcase. Again, Skyrim is hardly recognizable from 2011:

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Overall, even 1200 mods should have been used here to make Skyrim look like this. Almost everything was changed, from the weather over 4K textures to a reshader, which gets relatively close to real raytracing. Which mods all are used here, you can read in a modlist on Github.

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When is Elder Scrolls 6? That’s still in the stars. It has been announced so far only with a mini teaser, but the Skyrim successor is still likely to be in a distant future. First, Starfield appears next year, sometime then Elder Scrolls 6.

Which video do you like better? Will Elder Scrolls 6 look even better if it then appears at some point?

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