Game Bill Light Ball New 5th Castle Character Marvel Update ZDNET KORE

Gameville (Representative Tablet) said it was announced on the 10th that the “winner of the winner” was conducted.

In this update, a new 5-star character (servant) appears, and adds new content to the game to increase the fun of the game. The 5-star servant ‘Marvel’ of a cute appearance is the first attack type character with a wide-area defense ignorance skill.

The wide area attack skills used by Marvel are characterized by ignoring and harming the opponent’s defense. It is also expected to stimulate the user’s collection of users because it has a variety of actions that utilize changes in the modified weapons.

In addition, a new area is added to the ‘contaminated channel’ content so that it can utilize the servant of various attributes. Contaminated waterways can enter only a servant with the property of the region. There was a region of three properties of fire, water and forest, but this update opens light and dark areas.

All Locations of Dark Relics, Ruins of Lights, Dwarf Relics | The Wild Darkness

Additional additional users of the two properties are expected to use the light and dark attribute servants. The attribute growth level can also be greatly expanded and grow into a more powerful character. Commemorating the update, ‘Four Servo Servants Summon Suit‘ is presented to all users, and raise “Connection Time Rewards”, “Revelation Consumption Compensation”.

‘The winner of the’ Dark Fantasy ‘Concept’ The winner of the light ‘is characterized by an antique visual and unique worldview.

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