Devs Sisters Cookie Run King Parfa Tast Cookie Theme Song OST Released

Lineage II is an enormous multiplayer online parlor game (MMORPG) for Microsoft Windows and the second game in the Family tree collection. It is a prequel to Family tree and is established 150 years prior to the firstgame. It has ended up being popular since its October 1, 2003 launch in South Korea, reporting 1,000,918 unique customers during the month of March 2007. To day, the game has actually been played by even more than 14 million customers, many of whom are based in Asia.Lineage II adopted a free-to-play design in Lineage II: Siren of Destruction, with all game material being cost-free except for buyable in-game store things as well as packs in November 2011. An innovator, Lineage 2: Transformation, was released as a mobile video game in 2016.
Family tree 2M was released for the very first time in South Korea in November 2019.

Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jong-il) is a mobile RPG Cookie Run developed by the 17th Studio Devs Sisatz Kingdom (Joint Representative Cho Kyung Hyun, Lee Eunji).

It is a main theme song of Parpénam cookies that have been newly emerged through this update for a song that is a natural and congregated song for a song that is a soft voice that is a soft voice.

Park Ji-yoon, who was taking a voice of Parfer-taste cookies, was singing directly. I added immersive sense. Park Ji-yoon, who digested the Anna station of the Winter Kingdom and showed her singing power, has been in the song, and it has attracted the charm of Parfa Taste Cookie in a quiet tone.

Music video with sound source release Cookie Run: Kingdom Formula was released through Youtube. The video contains a parpa flavor cookie that sincerally puts a sincerity on a hot summer outdoor stage.

In addition, the official Twitter and Instagram of a brave cookie are held in a variety of events to celebrate the debut of Parpénam cookies.

First, a streaming encryplant event is performed for the 17th day. I do not need topping and capture the music video and capture and capture the authentication shots to raise the certification shot. Cookie run: We present Kingdom Crystal.

In addition, the coffee franchise is the I do not need topping in the National Store, and the association event will be held through the ENZERIRES Social Channel.

This new OST featured not only in Korean, but also in five languages ​​including English, Japanese, Japanese, and Thai, This is characterized by the fact that This is a steady request to hear the OST in Korean and English languages. As a result, I would be more difficult to show off the OST in a variety of languages.

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