Devs Sisters Cookie Run Kingdom Japan TV Advertising Local Air

[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo Lee] Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Jong-il) announced on March 4 to broadcast new TV advertisements from September 4 as part of Mobile Games ‘Cookie Runs: Kingdom’.

Cookie Run: Kingdom official TV advertisement on Japanese YouTube account was a Japanese famous actor Ikada Elija advertising model. The company is a policy that it is a policy to the public in the work of the Netflix series ‘followers’ and the movie ‘Heart Laundry’, ‘Greetings, and Kiss’,

TV ads are popular in Japan and told Ikeda that transformed into the main character to match the lyrics and addictive melodies using the kingdom character name. Especially, it is planning to capture the public attention to the smoke of Ikeda and exciting rhythm.

Cookie Run: Kingdom decided to pay for large-scale outdoor advertisements in Japan with high-level power of offline marketing as well as online promotional means. In the center of Tokyo, a downtown, Shibuya, a large-scale signboard advertisement and the main 17 subway stations in the main 17 subway stations, and the subway and bus ads are also conducted. We also have a wrapping truck advertisement that comes to Tokyo city, and find the floating population dense area to find the Kuki Run: King’s Kibijave and emotion.

In addition to this, the webtoon platform ‘Kama! (Ganma!)’ Cookie Run: WebToon using Kingdom IP, Content Production for TV Animation Channel, Social Channel YouTube ⋅ Tank / Mirrative (Mirrative) Biral Planning with Mirrative Influenza Lots of activities to massive marketing in Japan.

On the other hand, Devs Sisters has been introducing a Japanese version that is more immersized by applying content to the game that has embraced the contents that the Japanese famous hypertrophy of the Japanese Cookie’s voice. Since June, we provided colorful contents on the Japanese official SNS channel of brave cookies.

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